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Summit County Department of Environmental Services

With Open Workgroup Suite and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Summit County Department of Environmental Services created a reliable network with over 99 percent uptime, while reducing IT administration and travel time by 80 percent.

About Summit County Department of Environmental Services

The Summit County Department of Environmental Services (DOES) in Ohio operates and maintains wastewater collection, transportation and treatment systems in the unincorporated areas of the County and in certain incorporated areas. Summit County DOES prepares the sewer bills and collects the user fees and charges for deposit into the County treasury.


As with most government organizations, Summit County DOES needs to provide the best services for its citizens at the lowest cost. The organization had been running its core IT systems and applications on Microsoft' Windows' servers, but was concerned about increasing licensing costs as well as the resources required to maintain the environment.

Summit County DOES also had three physical networks across the organization, and its small IT staff had to travel to multiple locations to maintain its IT infrastructure. Without network connectivity across the organization, the organization's 150 employees also lacked centralized databases, data services, availability of enterprise applications and standardized e-mail and collaboration tools. Summit County DOES wanted to create and enterprise network to improve operational efficiencies, as well as collaboration among its employees across multiple locations.


To create an enterprise-wide network, Summit County DOES selected Open Enterprise Server running on SUSE® Linux Enterprise. Working with SaberLogic, the agency implemented a comprehensive Solution.

"With Linux and open source, we knew we could deliver what we needed, without the high cost of a proprietary solution," said Carol Chimera, Information Systems Development Manager at Summit County Department of Environmental Services. "Novell (now a part of Micro Focus) is aligned with our open source vision and gives us an open platform from a company we trust. SaberLogic is a knowledgeable and professional partner—and so far we haven't run across anything they cannot fix."

Open Enterprise Server is now the organization's primary file server and has dramatically improved network reliability, keeping users more productive. Working with BPI Information Systems of Ohio, the agency implemented VMware ESX to create virtual Linux servers that will reduce the number and costs of physical servers. The agency also uses VMware VMotion, VMware High Availability and VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler to eliminate downtime and balance the allocation of computing resources.

ZENworks® helps the agency's small IT staff manage a dispersed infrastructure with the ability to distribute applications from a central location. The IT staff no longer has no travel to multiple locations to deploy updates and can troubleshoot user issues with remote control access to their machines.

ZENworks Asset Management helps the company accurately track its inventory of servers, workstations and handheld devices to comply with the requirements of the Government Asset Standards Bureau.

With GroupWise®, everyone in the company can now communicate company-wide and GroupWise Messenger provides secure instant messaging. BlackBerry Enterprise Server helps keep mobile users in touch.

"As a former Microsoft Exchange administrator, I saw viruses completely ruin systems while GroupWise just keeps running," said Chimera. "We would also have to pay at least three times as much and hire significantly more staff to run any other collaboration platform."

Summit County DOES plans to use Micro Focus® Vibe to improve collaboration with other agencies. The ability to share online workspaces will greatly improve communication, without the need to travel to other locations.

"We simply can't upgrade our desktops every time Microsoft comes out with a new operating system," said Chimera.


By moving from Microsoft Windows to Open Workgroup Suite and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Summit County DOES created a stable corporate network with over 99 percent uptime. The agency's virtualized Linux environment has not only reduced hardware costs, but also increased flexibility to rapidly and cost-effectively deploy new servers as the business requires.

"Our Solutions paid for themselves on day one," said Chimera. "Novell gives us best in class solutions and the best value for our money–there is no comparison with other vendors. Novell has come through for us every time."

Summit County DOES has reduced IT administration time by 80 percent and can support more users with a small staff. Centralized server and desktop management has also reduced IT travel time by 80 percent and allows the IT staff to manage each of its plants from a central location.

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