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Uvex Safety Group implemented Identity Manager to handle a much larger workload without any increase in headcount.

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About Uvex Safety Group GmbH & Co. KG

Uvex Safety Group is a global leader in the manufacture of personal safety and protection equipment, and one of the fastest growing companies in Germany. The company's products cover every type of threat, including mechanical and chemical risks. Uvex's subgroup uvex sports also manufactures protective equipment for skiing, cycling and motocross, and is renowned as a supplier for international top-class sports.


Adding, changing and deleting user accounts at Uvex was based on a manual ticket system. To add a new employee, the relevant manager would complete a user account form and pass it to the IT department for re-keying and processing. With separate processing for desktop PC and application access, e-mail accounts, SAP user accounts and more, often set up at different times, there was a significant level of data inconsistency across Uvex's corporate systems.

"Provisioning a new user could take up to an hour and a half," said Peer Reichert, Head of Information Management Systems, Uvex Safety Group GmbH & Co. KG. "Making changes to that user's access rights was also a time-consuming manual process, and it was difficult to reliably remove a user from all relevant systems if they left the company. Data consistency across our various systems was not guaranteed, and we had to spend time manually reconciling the data."


Uvex chose to implement Identity Manager, integrated with its existing Solution landscape. The company was already using Micro Focus eDirectory™, ZENworks®, Access Manager™ and SecureLogin, and the level of satisfaction with these Solutions was high.

Uvex uses Identity Manager to synchronise identity data for approximately 1,600 user accounts across key business systems such as SAP ERP, Lotus Notes, Cisco Call Manager and a variety of user self-service applications, such as holiday planning. With Identity Manager automatically reflecting changes across all connected systems, Uvex no longer needs to edit multiple user directories to add, change or delete a user.

"Identity Manager is a powerful tool that saves us significant time and effort in IT administration," said Reichert. "The solution gives us a central point of control for security and access management, and ensures that identity data is consistent across enterprise systems."

Uvex employs staff in Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland, and maintains all user identities with Identity Manager. The company is now rolling out the Solution to additional subsidiaries, worldwide, with up to 2,300 expected users.

Working with experts from Didas, a partner, Uvex created workflow modules within Identity Manager for handling standard tasks. These include enabling users to delegate their access rights to other employees while they are on vacation.

"Didas is a long-term infrastructure partner for Uvex, and we valued their input and expertise in deploying Identity Manager," said Reichert. "We continue to build new functionality using the workflows, adding to the savings in administrative time and effort."

In addition to simplifying and accelerating the creation and management of user accounts, Identity Manager reduces the chance of human error by eliminating the need to re-key the same information into multiple systems. It also increases security by immediately removing access rights to all systems for employees who leave the organisation.


With Identity Manager, Uvex has reduced the time taken to provision a new user to just 20 minutes, less than a quarter of the previous average. Defined workflows embedded in Identity Manager guarantee that every new employee can use all the systems relevant to their job function from their first day of employment, helping them to become productive within a shorter timescale.

"Identity Manager enables us to respond much more rapidly to requests from the business to set up a new employee," said Reichert. "The processes are largely automated, so the solution is easier as well as faster.

The centralisation of control makes it possible for Uvex to reliably rescind the access rights of employees who leave the company, removing a potential security loophole and minimising the administrative strain on the IT team.

When Uvex introduced Identity Manager, the IT department was handling approximately 200 new user provisioning activities each year, as well as numerous moves and changes to existing accounts. This number has grown significantly, yet the size of the IT team has remained constant.

"Identity Manager has saved around 200 hours each year of manual keying and data checking," said Peer Reichert. "As the number of system users has increased, Uvex is using Identity Manager to handle the higher workload without increasing the IT departmental headcount, and continuing to provide much faster provisioning."

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