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Vancouver Convention Centre

By deploying ZENworks Configuration Management, the Vancouver Convention Centre has reduced support costs by 60% and vastly improved first call resolution rates, freeing up IT resources to focus on higher value tasks.

About Vancouver Convention Centre

The award-winning Vancouver Convention Centre is a green-designed, state-of-the-art facility on the waterfront in beautiful downtown Vancouver. It is the only facility to be twice chosen as the World's Best Convention Centre.


The Vancouver Convention Centre recently completed a major expansion. The new structure will serve as headquarters for the estimated 7,000 television and radio broadcasters who will cover the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

The organization was looking to standardize the way it managed user workstations to improve efficiency. "It's critical that our building staff can quickly respond to the Olympic organizing committee's needs in the best way possible," said Bill Zeeben, IT service delivery manager for the Vancouver Convention Centre. "Having efficient IT support is an important part of them being able to provide that support. We also wanted to eliminate the 'sneakernet' of sending staff to fix user workstations. This need only became more critical when we expanded and added a new location."


To automate and standardize desktop support, the Vancouver Convention Centre chose ZENworks® Configuration Management.

"We decided to upgrade to ZENworks Configuration Management because we were impressed with some of its new features, such as the open directory structure, which allows us to leverage our existing Microsoft Active Directory environment," said Zeeben. "ZENworks Configuration Management is much more robust than solutions like Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol and works seamlessly with our Microsoft environment."

ZENworks Configuration Management allows administrators to easily distribute applications and patches, and remotely troubleshoot workstations from a central location, through policy-driven automation.

"ZENworks Configuration Management helps us get our users up and running faster when they have a system issue," said Zeeben. "Having the ability to take control of a user's desktop and see them generate an error message on their screen dramatically improves our problem solving ability."

The organization is using the software's user-focused management capabilities to provision desktops based on different user roles. "We use ZENworks Configuration Management to deliver custom CRM application sets to different types of users, which is very efficient," said Zeeben.

The application distribution functionality has also proven very useful. "With ZENworks Configuration Management it's easy to remotely distribute special configurations or updates," said Zeeben. "Recently, we had to upgrade our .NET code groups in order to keep our CRM system running properly. Users across the company would have been screaming if there was any service disruption. Using ZENworks Configuration Management, we quickly distributed software updates to keep everything running smoothly and preempt any problems from occurring."

Technical Sales Specialists also worked on-site to ensure the success of the implementation. "The Novell (now a part of Micro Focus) folks we worked with ensured we had everything configured properly so that there was minimal impact to our end users," said Zeeben. "Working with them was a very positive experience."


"ZENworks Configuration Management has vastly improved the way we deliver and manage our IT resources," said Zeeben. "We've already cut support costs by more than 50 percent. If we didn't have ZENworks Configuration Management in place we likely would have had to increase our staff. This represents a savings of several thousand dollars a month."

The Solution has been well received by the entire organization. "For our IT staff, it's made deployment and troubleshooting far easier," said Zeeben. "They don't have to run all over the place to deploy applications or fix user issues, and can now respond to user requests a lot faster."

Simplifying application distribution and troubleshooting has also improved user productivity. "Thanks to ZENworks Configuration Management, we're able to distribute applications in minutes rather than days," said Zeeben. "Plus we've minimized system downtime and eliminated many support escalation issues. If a user has a problem, we can reimage their machine and get them back up and running in half an hour, as opposed to the three or four hours it would have taken before. This extra time frees my staff to find new ways to add value for users."

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