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2010 Singapore Youth Olympic Games

Atos Origin used Sentinel to aggregate information from 3,000 systems and devices and correlate data on potential security threats, which helped safeguard the 2010 Youth Olympic Games.

About 2010 Singapore Youth Olympic Games

Held in Singapore in August, 2010, the first Youth Olympic Games featured athletes aged fourteen to eighteen years. The event was created to inspire young people to participate in sport and adopt Olympic values. Atos Origin is the worldwide IT Partner for the Olympic Games and is responsible for the design, build and operation of the IT infrastructure.


As the first sporting event to be introduced by the International Olympic Committee since the Winter Olympics of 1924, the 2010 Youth Olympic Games was a highly anticipated event in the international sporting calendar.

Its success was dependent on the secure running of key IT systems such as results processing, broadcaster data feeds, accreditations, games logistics applications and public web sites.

This meant that Atos Origin under the direction of SYOCOG Technology needed to ensure that comprehensive security monitoring and protection was in place for the more than 3,000 devices in the Youth Olympic Games infrastructure, including servers, workstations, network devices and appliances.

In the event of a security breach, Atos Origin knew that its Incident Management Team would be working under severe time restrictions. "During the two week Games operations phase, we knew we would only have a few seconds for detection and action," said Vladan Todorovic, Technical & IT Security Manager for the Youth Olympic Games, Atos Origin. The Incident Management team thus needed to be able to monitor their IT infrastructure with heightened visibility, ensuring the quick resolution of security issues.

"This was an extremely high profile project, involving the participation of multiple technology partners," said Todorovic. "There would be no second chances if something went wrong."


"The short operational period of the project, as well as its far reaching security implications, meant that we had very specific requirements for our Security Information and Event Management [SIEM] solution," said Todorovic, "The solution needed to be able to process events processing on a massive scale, take feeds from a number of custom data sources, and integrate with real-time risk-based event prioritization technology from Atos Origin."

Atos Origin together with SYOCOG technology evaluated several possible solutions and ultimately decided to implement Sentinel™. "The Youth Olympic Games is a demanding project from an IT security perspective," said Todorovic. "Sentinel was the only solution which fully met our requirements. In addition, Sentinel was highly scalable and allowed our architects to fully optimise the solution to our specific project requirements."

The Youth Olympic Games' core systems were deployed on heterogeneous platforms, and security monitoring system had to be integrated with all of them.

"The inclusion of Sentinel in the Youth Olympic Games' SIEM solution allowed for the tracking in real time of any anomalous configuration changes which did not coincide with IT policy," said Todorovic. "Any irregular configuration which might constitute a security violation became a SIEM event, and was given a priority status corresponding to its risk level. Sentinel allowed us to aggregate and display data from thousands of events and draw correlations between them. Furthermore, we made use of two levels of reporting; executive level reports, providing general security information, and more technical reports for action."

Atos Origin's longstanding partnership with the International Olympic Committee meant that the company had extensive experience with Olympic Games IT security. Atos Origin was thus able to build on its previous Olympic collaborations to rapidly design and implement advanced functionalities in Sentinel.

"The simple but powerful tools provided by Sentinel enabled us to aggregate data from an enormous variety of IT systems," said Todorovic. "These included servers running multiple operating systems, network devices, security devices, business applications and our own custom-developed 'real-time risk-audit' solution."


With us as technology supplier, Sentinel was at the heart of the SIEM for the Youth Olympic Games. Atos Origin as system integrator ensured systems performed smoothly and securely throughout the duration of the two week sporting event.

"During the operational period of the Games there were more than 90 million security events," said Todorovic. "Using intelligent processing in our SIEM, this was reduced to only three million events for review, which were prioritized according to the level of business risk they posed. This saved a lot of valuable time for the Incident Management team."

The combination of Sentinel and the Atos Origin real-time audit solution ensured rapid, intelligent response to potential security threats anywhere on the network. "Even though we were experiencing up to 35 serious security incidents a day, Sentinel allowed us to achieve early detection and fast resolution, ensuring that these incidents had no impact whatsoever on the running of the Games," said Todorovic. "We feel that Sentinel technology was an integral part of our IT Security Incident Management and that our chances of ensuring the successful delivery of Youth Olympic Games IT Services would have been reduced without it."

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