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Feature General Support
Years 1-3
Extended Support
Years 4-5
Years 1-10
Enhancement Requests Yes No No
Defect Resolution Yes No No
Premium Service Offerings Yes No No
Primary and Dedicated Support Engineers Yes Yes No
Critical Security Updates Yes Yes No
Installation and Configuration Support Yes Yes No
Access to Patches and Fixes Yes Yes Yes
Access to the Novell Knowledgebase Yes Yes Yes
Access to Support Forums Yes Yes Yes
Access to Documentation Yes Yes Yes
Technical Subscriptions Yes Yes Yes

Application & Software Services Products

Application and Software Services Products include Filr, GroupWise®, iPrint, Vibe, and ZENworks®.

Novell® will provide a minimum of three years General Support for Application and Software Services products, including revisions, starting with the date of the product's general availability. When General Support ends, Novell may offer Extended Support for an additional two years. Self-support is offered for ten years from the date of a product's general availability.

For more information on the phases of the Product Support Lifecycle, see the Product Support Lifecycle FAQ.

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