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The Extended Support service request package allows customers to receive technical support for a product that has moved out of General Support to the Extended Support product support lifecycle phase. Extended Support is intended to be an interim solution for customers who intend to move to the most current version of our product, but need additional time to make the transition.

Pre-Requisite to Purchase

In order to purchase an Extended Support service request package, you must be current on your maintenance coverage for the replacement product. The following is an example:

ABC Company has been running Product X version 5 and we release Product X version 6. Product X version 5 moves to Extended Support on Jan 1, 2014, but ABC Company is not planning to upgrade to Product X version 6 until July, 2014. As long as ABC Company is current on Product X maintenance, they may purchase an Extended Support service request package for Product X version 5.


Extended Support service request package includes:

  • 5 Service Requests
  • 12x5 access


This service request package is valid for 1 year, until the service requests are all used, or until the end of the Extended Support phase for that product, whichever comes first.

Defect Support

During the Extended Support lifecycle phase, we will continue to make available critical security updates for maintenance customers who have purchased Extended Support. Non-security-related software patches and fixes may be provided if we deem appropriate and strategic. Additional software patches and fixes may also be available on a fee-basis. During the Extended Support phase, we will not accept requests for warranty support, design changes, and new or enhanced product features.

As a product moves through its lifecycle, customers should expect us to be significantly more discriminating when evaluating software defects and enhancement requests.

To Order

For pricing and ordering information, please contact your reseller, or our sales representative.

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