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IP printer shows status "error printing"

(Last modified: 21Oct2002)

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Novell NetWare 5.0

NDPS IP Xerox Printer

The printer is at a remote site, there is no NetWare server at the remote site.

Formerly TID 2952025


IP printer shows status "error printing"

Error occurs as soon as printer is created.

Error "the printer created needs attention, 925"

Printer shows status "error printing", state "printer not connected"


Added Xerox Document Center 240ST.


Configured the TCP/IP parameters in the NetWare 5 server to see the remote printer IP address. This can be done two ways:

1-Load TCPCON at the server console
-IP routing table, proceed, enter, Ins, entered IP address of remote network segment and applicable IP information. (these settings are static, when server is rebooted, it will reset this information).

2- Load INETCFG at the server console
-Protocols, TCP/IP, LAN static routing = enabled, LAN static routing table select from list, Ins, specify applicable IP information. (these settings are permanent when the server is rebooted).

Once this info was entered in TCPCON.NLM, the printer agent in NWADMIN32 goes to Status "Idle" and allows printing.

Steps to duplicate:
-In Nwadmin, add a NDPS printer
-Novell gateway (this printer is not supported on the Xerox gateway)
-Remote LPR on IP
-Gets the error "the printer created needs attention, 925", click OK
-Downloads the drivers (drivers were added to the RMS database using TID 2936550)
-Printer shows status "error printing", state "printer not connected"
-error on server console "PH 2.00-NDPS operation error (printer name). The port handlers call to function NDPSJPMCOMM with OP code JPM_OP_GET_REGISTRY_INFO failed. If needed the error code may be found in the on-line documentation. Error code -724 (OXFFFFFD2C).

-The remote site separated by Cisco Router 2500, Router, Wan, Router, Cisco 5000 router, local NW5 server with sp1.
-All Xerox printers local to the NetWare 5 server work fine with Novell gateway, remote LPR on IP.
-Can successfully ping the remote printer.
-NT workstation can send a successful LPR job to the remote printer and it prints.
-Has referred to TID 2950123


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