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NetWare DHCPSRVR not loading when PDHCP running on the same server

(Last modified: 12Mar2005)

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NetWare DHCPSRVR not loading when PDHCP running on the same server


Novell NetWare 6 SP1 and SP2

Novell NetWare 6 Support Pack 3

Novell ZenWorks PreBoot Services

DHCP server


When loaded manualy with a -S -D2 switch after the server has started, an error is reported on the Loader screen:

DHCP Error: DHCP server registration (UDP) failed

The IP database does not load, so no IP addresses will be serviced.


Found that Pre Boot Services was running on the server (PDHCP), once this was loaded DHCPSRVR was unable to load correctly.

If you edit the AUTOEXEC.NCF file and add the Command DHCPSRVR early in the file, the DHCP service will load its IP database and service all assigned IP addresses.

Or to quickly get DHCP working on the server :

Unload the PDHCP NLM on on the server console and load the DHCPSRVR. Once the DHCPSRVR has been loaded successfully it can be unloaded and reload with out any problems.

To stop the PDHCP server from taking the DHCP server port :

Modify the SYS:SYSTEM\PDHCP.INI file on the PXE server and check the following options:

        USE_DHCP_PORT: Specifies whether to bind to the DHCP Server socket (67).
                    Set this value to 0 to disable.

        USE_BINL_PORT: Specifies whether to bind to the BINL socket (4011).
                    Set this value to 1 to enable.

More information on this can be found in  TID 10069274


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