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Remote Printing with Windows 95 & IW Client

(Last modified: 31Aug1999)

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Q: Is there an equivalent program to RPRINTER.EXE or NPRINTER.EXE for Windows 95 using the Novell Client for Windows 95?

A: NPRINTER.EXE (NetWare 4.x) and RPRINTER.EXE (NetWare 3.x) are programs that allow a queue located on NetWare to be redirected to a printer connected to a local workstation. These utilities will not run on a Windows 95 workstation with Novell Client for Windows 95, intraNetWare Client for Windows 95, or the Client 32 for Windows 95 loaded.

Novell has written a separate GUI utility (Nprinter Manager for Windows 95) to manage a printer connected locally to a Windows 95 workstation running the Novell Windows 95 Client. The Nprinter Manager for Windows 95 shipped with NetWare 5, NetWare 4.11, and intraNetWare. It is also available separately on the Novell Support Connection ( The filename to search for is NPTR95.EXE or reference TID 2906440.

Search Words: Nprinter, Rprinter, Windows 95, Win95, Client 32, IW Client, W95, NPTR95.EXE


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