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How Timesync changes its polling interval

(Last modified: 03Feb1997)

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The polling interval is controlled by two settable parameters, the short interval (SI) and the polling interval (PI). The SI is a hidden parameter (not seen in the SET help screens) and is generally not changed. It is settable mostly to allow technical support to help customers with extreme problems.

Assuming everything is working and time remains synchronized, here is what happens:

Polling begins at the SI (defaults to 10 seconds) and increments by 5 seconds until it reaches one minute. That takes about 7 minutes.

When polling reaches one minute intervals it increases in giant steps until it reaches PI (defaults to 10 minutes). The steps are PI/8, PI/4 and PI/2.

Assuming PI is set to 24 hrs. and ignoring the first seven minutes, TimeSync polls at intervals of 3 hrs, 6 hrs, 12 hrs and 24 hrs. Or, assuming we start at midnight: 3 am, 9 am, 9 pm, and then every 24 hrs (the exact polling time creeps slowly forward because the few seconds spent working is not accounted for in the delay times).

As long as time synchronization is maintained within the Synchronization Radius (also a settable parameter), polling continues at PI intervals. If TimeSync ever discovers that time synchronization has been lost, the whole process starts over again.


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