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How to register, renew, extend or activate a ZENworks Patch Management license

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Novell ZENworks Patch Management - ZPM
Novell ZENworks 10 Patch management
Novell ZENworks 11 Patch Management


A new or extended Novell ZENworks Patch Management Serial/License # Subscription was purchased. Steps below will show how to extend or renew an existing ZENworks Patch Management (Lumension / PatchLink) Serial License #.


The following will show the ZENworks Patch Management serial # process (either a new purchase or renewal) and how to activate that subscription.

1. In the Customer Center portal the (new or renewal) of a ZENworks Patch Management purchase, is delivered with no serial # (as seen in yellow). The first step is to renew an existing code that is being used, or request a new serial # for a new installation.

2. Double click on the new purchased product (as was seen in yellow), it will show the Product Details tab. To activate this Product Subscription, click on the blue hyperlink “view or assign code”.
3. After clicking on “view or assign code” it will ask to either “use existing code” or to “generate new code”.

NOTE: “Generate New Code” should only be done for a new installation of ZENworks Patch Management. If there is an existing implementation, by generating a new code, a re-install of the product and all agents will be needed. Otherwise, click on “Use Existing Code” and enter the ZPM code that is currently being used on the ZENworks Patch Management server console. This will update the existing code to the new order details of quantity and expiration date. It doesn't matter if the currently used serial # is a purchased or evaluation code.

4. In this case, an existing code that was being used on my ZENworks Patch Management server console was entered and the Go button was clicked. Success.
5. The Customer Center page will re-fresh, and now show the code that was assigned in the overview of the product. The main page under the My Products section will also show the code #.
The activation is now complete, and verification can be done on the local ZENworks Patch Management Server.
If all the agents are still off line, manually enable the devices to get the agent to work again. (If you have a large number of disabled computers, use the "Display rows per page" located at the bottom to limit the # of disabled computers to display.)
  1. Under the Computer tab on the PLUS Server web-ui, switch to the Disabled view (top right drop down list labeled "Status", select view, then click "Update View") to list the computers.
  2. Check the box to select the computers, then click the "enable" button at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Change back to the "Enable" view to the next set of computers. The devices will show as off line, but as the agents contact the server, the status will change.

ZENworks Configuration Patch Management (ZCM / ZPM)
 To refresh the ZCM Patch Management license in ZCM 10 and ZCM 11 after the license has been extended, do the following:

1. Wait 5-10 minutes for the updated information to replicate between the Novell servers
2. Then go to ZCC > Configuration > Patch Management > Subscription Service information and select the "update now" button.

***If the license expired message is still shown, wait a few more minutes. As soon as the ZCM server sees the updated information on the Novell servers then ZCM / ZPM will automatically change the license status in ZCM. 

Additional Information

If your subscription has lapsed and time has pased since your subscription expired, all workstations will be disabled and may show up as "detection results not found." To remedy this problem, select any active workstations and click "disable" then switch your view to show "disabled workstations" and then select the machines and enable all workstations. When the agents check in next they will communicate properly with the server.

Change Log

07-July-2011  tgordon  Added the ZCM/ZPM section and screenshot in Resolution.


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