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ZENworks 7 Handheld Management Agent for Windows Mobile 5 devices.

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Novell ZENworks 7 Handheld Management Service Pack 1 - ZHM7SP1
Windows Mobile 5 device with ZENworks Handheld Management (ZHM) version 7 or 7 SP1.


Novell ZENworks 7 Handheld Management Agent for Windows Mobile 5 Devices is the software for extending ZENworks Handheld Management capabilities to Windows Mobile 5 devices.
Support for Windows Mobile 5 in ZENworks 7 Handheld Management


Obtainzhm7winmobile5.exeor newer at
You can select any of the following options:

ZENworks Handheld Management Device Client Installation (option 1)
  1. Copy ZfHIPClientForCE.CE5_ARM.CAB to the Desktop Synchronization and Access Point machines.
    (a). For Desktop Synchronization machine, copy ZfHIPClientForCE.CE5_ARM.CAB to
    \novell\ZfHDS\handheld directory.
    By default, is c:\program files.
(b) For Access Point machine, copy ZfHIPClientForCE.CE5_ARM.CAB to
\novell\ZfHAP\handheld directory
By default, is c:\program files.
  1. Cradle the Windows Mobile 5 device to the Desktop Synchronization or Access Point
    machine through ActiveSync.

    3. During synchronization, the ZfHIPClientForCE.CE5_ARM.CAB file is installed on the device.
ZENworks Handheld Management Device Client Installation (option 2)
  1. If you are deploying ZfHIPClientForCE.CE5_ARM.CAB on a device by any other means, after the successful installation of ZfHIPClientForCE.CE5_ARM.CAB, configure the ZENworks Access Point address on the device through ZENworks console .
  2. Go to ´Programs/Communication¡ and click on Console to display the ZENworks console applet. Click on Configure in the ZENworks console applet, enter the Access Point address and click OK.
  3. Click on Connect Now tab in ZENworks console to connect to server.

(Conditional) If you have already installed the beta version of Windows Mobile 5 device agent,
use the Handheld Application Distribution feature of ZENworks Handheld Management to distribute the ZfHIPClientForCE.CE5_ARM.CAB file to Windows Mobile 5 device.

The software license policy of ZENworks 7 Handheld Management is applicable for ZENworks 7
Handheld Management Agent for Windows Mobile 5 Devices also.

Software Inventory
Hardware Inventory
Software distribution
Policy based Configuration
Remote Management

For detailed information about the key features, see the ZENworks 7 Handheld Management Administration Guide at

Self-Extracting File Name: ZfHIPClientForCE.CE5_ARM.CAB
CheckSum: A6CC 8886 DC16 145D 7AD7 E4A8


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