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Dsbk and eMBox stop working after applying Security Services 2.0.4

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Novell eDirectory
Novell eDirectory 8.8.1
Security Services 2.0.4 ( ss204)
Identity Manager 3.5
Using dsbk to backup eDirectory
Using dsbk to restore eDirectory
Using eMBox to backup eDirectory
Using eMBox to restore eDirectory
NICI 2.7.2


DSBK backups fail after applying Security Services 2.0.4 ( ss204 )
DSBK restores fail after applying Security Services 2.0.4 ( ss204 )
DSBK no longer works after applying Security Services 2.0.4 ( ss204 )
eMBox no longer works after applying Security Services 2.0.4 ( ss204 )

Getting error "Unable to load backupcr module!" in the /var/nds/ndsd.log.
Getting error "DSBK error! 1" in the ndsd.log
ndsd crashes after attempting to perform a backup with eMBox
When performing a backup, eMbox will return the following messages:
WS: Unable to create a connection to the server.
com.novell.eMBoxSDK.ServiceException: Performing service failed.
com.novell.eMBoxSDK.LogoutFailedException: Logout failed.


This issue is a result of NICI removing a softlink from /etc/nici.cfg to /etc/opt/novell/nici/nici.cfg.

To resolve this issue recreate the softlink as follows:

ln -s /etc/opt/novell/nici.cfg /etc/nici.cfg

In addition to creating the soft link, in some cases "ldconfig" may need to be run. ldconfig creates the necessary links and cache (for use by the run-time linker, to the most recent shared libraries found in the directories specified on the command line.


Top Issue

Additional Information

See TID#3154121 - Ndsd cores when shutting down ndsd after applying Security Services 2.0.4

An example of the backup syntax is as follows:
dsbk backup -b -f/root/dsr_dib/dib.bak -l/root/dsr_dib/dibbak.log -t -w

An example of a restore syntax is:
dsbk restore -r -a -o -f /root/dsr_dib/dib.bak -l /root/dsr_dib/dib2.log

For more information on dsbk see TID# 10098714

Note: Security Services 2.0.4 is a prerequisite for the installation of Identity Manager 3.5. This is the reason Identity Manager 3.5 is mentioned in the list of affected products.


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  • Creation Date:20-AUG-07
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