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Uninstalling Novell client for Windows

This document (3979598) is provided subject to the disclaimer at the end of this document.


Novell Client for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003


Removing the Client for NetWare in the Network properties does not remove the client.


A. Follow the steps listed below to uninstall Novell Client

1. Windows NT 4.0: (see part B for additional help, if necessary)
a. Click Start | Run | Settings | Control Panel
b. Double Click "Network"
c. Select the Services tab
d. Highlight "Novell Client for Windows NT"
e. Click Remove
f. The Novell Client for NT/2000 and dependant Windows network services will be removed.

2. Windows 2000/2003: (see part B for additional help, if necessary)
a. Click Start | Run | Settings | Control Panel
b. Double Click the "Network and Dial-Up Connections"
c. Highlight any Local Area Connection or Dial-Up Connection entry where the Novell Client for NT/2000 is being used
d. Click File | Properties
e. Highlight the "Novell Client for Windows 2000" in the connection properties
f. Click Uninstall
g. Windows will confirm that you want to remove the Novell Client for NT/2000 from all connections and not just the current connection
h. Confirm Yes to this prompt and the Novell Client for NT/2000 and dependant Windows network services will be removed

3. Windows XP: (see part B for additional help, if necessary)
a. Click Start | Settings | Control Panel
b. Double click "Network Connections"
c. Right Click "Local Area Connection"
d. Select Properties
e. Uncheck "Novell Client for Windows"

B. If due to problems or corruption, the client can not be successfully removed from the above steps, use REGEDIT to manually remove/change the following registry keys and values.

The following makes changes to your registry. If you are the least bit apprehensive about performing the following action, please contact a member of the technical support staff.

1. Remove three keys:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Providers\Netware Print Services

2. Change the GinaDLL value:
a. Click Start | Run
b. Type "REGEDIT.EXE" and click OK
c. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WinLogon
d. Under this key exists a string value named "GinaDll"
e. Edit this entry from"NWGINA.DLL" to "MSGINA.DLL"
f. Prior to rebooting, verify that MSGINA.DLL exists in the %SYSTEMDIR%\SYSTEM32 directory and reflects the appropriate date/version for the installed Windows service pack.
g. Copy MSGINA.DLL from the appropriate service pack, if necessary
h. Restart the workstation

The above steps only disable the core client functionality (unlike removal from the Network control panel applet where dependant services are also removed). As such, you may likely encounter error messages and/or service start failures from other optional components that are still running, such as ZENworks workstation components or protocol components such as CMD.

i. Once having achieved a workstation state where the core client functionality is no longer running, the only way to ensure that all client components get properly removed is to install the Novell Client for Windows NT/2000 such that a removal via the Network control panel can be reattempted. Although the Novell client could not be successfully removed via the Network control panel initially, manually disabling the client and then forcing a re-installation can potentially correct any network or registry configuration issues that are preventing successful un-install
j. An additional troubleshooting step would be manually disabling the core client functionality as described above, and then furthermore removing any and all additional Network control panel entries including the network adapter(s). (Note: Windows may warn that the network configuration is incomplete.) After restarting Windows with this"empty" network configuration, reinstalling the network adapters and services and then finally reinstalling the Novell Client for Windows NT/2000 would rebuild as many possible aspects of the Windows networking configuration.


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