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How to setup LUM on SLED 10.

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Novell Open Enterprise Server (OES)
Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10


Novell Linux User Management (LUM) lets administrators configure Linux workstations and servers on the network so users can log in to them using user login information stored in Novell eDirectory instead of using user login information stored on each computer.


Step-by-Step instructions on how to setup LUM on SLED 10.0

Important Note: Currently a bug has been found with LUM on SLED 10.0. It will affect whether your CD-ROM or Plug-n-Play devices are detected and work. Novell Technical Suppport is working diligently to resolve this issue.

  1. The following rpm versions or newer are required for LUM athentication.
    • novell-lum-2.2.0-81.12
    • novell-NLDAPbase-dyn-3.4.1-0.5
    • novell-NLDAPsdk-dyn-3.4.1-0.5
  2. Determine which of the needed modules are already installed on the workstation.
    • The version numbers above may be different than the ones listed on your workstation.
    • Usage: rpm -q
    • #rpm -q novell-lum novell-NLDAPbase-dyn novell-NLDAPsdk-dyn
      package novell-lum is not installed
      package novell-NLDAP is not installed
  3. Install the rpm modules currently not installed on the workstation.
    • Usage: yast -i
    • # yast -i novell-lum
      # yast -i novell-NLDAPbase-dyn
      # yast -i novell-NLDAPsdk-dyn
  4. Redirect Linux authentication to eDirectory using LUM.
    • Configure LUM to authenticate to a secure eDirectory LDAP server using namconfig.
      • Usage: namconfig add -a -p -r -w -S :389 -l 636 -R backup_server1:389,backup_server2:389
      • Note: You can leave off the -p and wait for the password prompt if desired.
      • #id joelum
        uid=603(joelum) gid=602(lumgroup) groups=602(lumgroup)


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  • Creation Date:15-MAR-07
  • Modified Date:26-APR-12
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