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XEN: Mounting CD-ROM's and USB devices in para-virtual DomU's using command line tools

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Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 Service Pack 1
Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 Service Pack 1


How to present CD/DVD's and USB media devices to Xen para-virtual DomU's.


At times, it is desirable to present external media to a para-virtual DomU. This method only works for para-virtual DomU's. This method is the command line method.

  1. Determine which disks are present in DomU. Generally a good choice is one letter higher for devices "xvd" or "hdc":
    fdisk -l
  2. Attach the CD/DVD/USB drive to the DomU.
    The command has the following syntax.
    Example for a CD drive
    xm block-attach SLES10 phy:/dev/cdrom hdc:cdrom r
    Example for a DVD drive
    xm block-attach SLES10 phy:/dev/dvd hdc:cdrom r
    Example for a USB drive
    xm block-attach SLES10 phy:/dev/sdc xvdc r
  3. Inside of the DomU, mount the volume. Use the name of the BLOCK-DEVICE used in the previous step. The expected behavior of the DomU automatically mounting the media will NOT happen. As a result, you have to manually mount the volume.
    mount /dev/hdc /mnt

  1. Umount the volume
  2. Detach the device
    The command has the following syntax.
    xm block-detach NAME_OF_DOMU BLOCK-DEVICE
    xm block-detach SLES10 hdc


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  • Creation Date:10-APR-08
  • Modified Date:27-APR-12
    • SUSESUSE Linux Enterprise Server

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