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Migrating from YUP to SMT

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Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10
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Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 Software Development Kit (SLE SDK 10)
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You have used YUP (Yum Update Proxy, see TID 3065146) to mirror package updates for SLE 10 from the Novell update service and want to switch to SMT (Subscription Management Tool, see You want to reuse the existing software repositories that have been downloaded via YUP. Payoff is to save time and bandwith during the initial syncronisation of patches with the Novell update server.


In order to reuse SLE10 patches that have been previously downloaded via YUP please go ahead as follows:
  1. Complete the installation of SMT.
  2. Enable the catalogs to be mirrored with SMT – e.g. :

    smt-catalogs -e SLES10-SP2-Online sles-10-i586
    smt-catalogs -e SLES10-SP2-Updates sles-10-i586

  3. Perform a dry-run of smt-mirror to get the repo directories created:

    smt-mirror -d --dryrun -L /var/log/smt-mirror.log

    This will - using the two catalogs above and if using the default MirrorTo - create:


  4. Now you can copy over the repositories from your YUP repository to the SMT repository - e.g. :

    cp -va /SLE10_YUP/SLES10-SP2-Online/* \ /srv/www/htdocs/repo/\$RCE/SLES10-SP2-Online/
    cp -va /SLE10_YUP/SLES10-SP2-Updates/* \ /srv/www/htdocs/repo/\$RCE/SLES10-SP2-Updates/

  5. Perform a normal run of "smt-mirror" in order to get the repodata fixed up:

    smt-mirror -d -L /var/log/smt-mirror.log

    This will show errors like

    repomd.xml is the same, but repo is not valid. Start mirroring.

      Please note, that some of the RPMs that have been mirrored with YUP may get overwritten, but reusing previously downloaded catalogs  will saves quite some time during the initial mirroring anyway.


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  • Creation Date:04-JUL-08
  • Modified Date:30-APR-12
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