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Registering AdminStudio ZENworks Editions

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Novell ZENworks 7 Desktop Management Support Pack 1 - ZDM7 SP1
Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management with Support Pack 1 - 10.1
Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management with Support Pack 2 - 10.2


How to register AdminStudio 9 ZENworks Edition for ZENworks 7
How to register AdminStudio 9 Standard Edition for ZENworks Configuration Management


ZENworks Configuration Management
Registered (non-evaluation) users of ZENworks Configuration Management are now entitled to the complete AdminStudio 9 Standard Edition.  They gain the full capabilities found in the Standard Edition of AdminStudio, including the MSI authoring capabilities of Editor.   Additionally, there are no longer restrictions on the number of instances or installations that can be used within the organization.  The same license key provided to the organization may be used for each installation necessary to support the organization's ZENworks environment.

Go to to obtain the ISO for AdminStudio 9 ZENworks Edition:

This is found as "AdminStudioSE90a.iso" by going to the product tab and opening
ZENworks 10 Configuration Management SP2 (10.2) Standard eMedia Kit
ZENworks 10 Configuration Management SP2 (10.2) Advanced eMedia Kit or
ZENworks 10 Configuration Management SP2 (10.2) Enterprise eMedia Kit
(Note: AdminStudioSE90a.iso replaces the previous AdminStudioSE90.iso. The updated ISO adds the Standalone Repackager utility, in the root directory of the CD image. This utility can be installed in your organization alongside a new or existing AdminStudio 9 Standard Edition installation, without needing to re-install or re-license AdminStudio. You must install the Standalone Repackager to a different workstation to the one where you already have AdminStudio. Your existing AdminStudio 9 Standard Edition licence key will work for this update.)

ZENworks 7
An updated version of AdminStudio 9 ZENworks Edition has been released for those who have purchased a license for ZENworks 7.

Go to to obtain the ISO for AdminStudio 9 ZENworks Edition:

This is found as "ZEN7_SoftwarePackaging_9.0a.iso" by going to the product tab and opening
ZENworks 7 w/SP1 IR2 Desktop Management - note that for ZEN7, if you get a message to insert the CD "Software Packaging", then close the winsetup program, and run "AdminStudioZENworksEdition.exe" directly from the CD.

Registration and License Activation has changed for both the Limited (ZEN 7) Edition and the Standard (ZCM) Edition. 
You are no longer directed to Acresso to register to retrieve a valid license key.
Your license key is now directly available from Novell, in the Novell Customer Center at
Select the ZENworks product that you own a license for, for which you downloaded the AdminStudio ISO, and within that product the you should find a line with your license key (for ZENworks 7, the key to be used is shown as "ZENworks 7 Suite", under "Novell ZENworks Suite".  If it is not showing under your product, and you cannot see it if you click on the "SHOW OTHER VERSIONS" link, then send an email to and request the code be added to the Novell Customer Center.

Please be sure to use the appropriate license key, as it will control whether AdminStudio activates as the Limited Edition or the full Standard Edition (for ZCM users).

The license is applied by starting AdminStudio, and clicking the "Own" tab, and verify.

During activation, you will be requested for either a ZENworks Configuration Manager Zone server or a ZENworks 7 eDirectory server with appropriate credentials depending on the version being activated (for ZENworks 7, the port number requested is the LDAP port, by default 389 or 636).  This is a one-time verification to the server; nothing is written or stored to the Zone or eDirectory during this process.  This process verifies that AdminStudio is being used within an existing ZENworks environment.

If there are problems finding the key or if assistance is needed, contact the Novell Activation Center:
In U.S./Canada, call 800-418-8373
outside of U.S. call +1 801-861-8373.
Alternatively, you can, or if you are in EMEA (chat is coming). 

Representatives are available 24x7.

Additional Information

The updated AdminStudio 9 Standard Edition for ZCM now contains equivalent functionality to AdminStudio Standard Edition.

If you have an earlier, unregistered, version of AdminStudio ZENworks Edition, you will be unable to register it, so please download the updated version and follow the instructions above.


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