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Helpful TIDs on DSfW

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Novell Open Enterprise Server 11 SP2 (OES11SP2)
Novell Open Enterprise Server 11 SP1 (OES11SP1)
Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 SP3 (OES2SP3)
Domain Services for Windows


A list of helpful TIDs on Domain Services for Windows.



7002172 -

Preparing for Domain Services for Windows Install

7001884 -

Verify a Domain Services for Windows Install
7009927 -
Preparing for an ADC Install of Domain Services for Windows
7000068 -
DSfW: List of Install TIDs

Latest issues

7015222 -CASAcli -l  returns Found 0 credentials Novell named fails to start
7014532 -DSfW Installation/upgrade causes novell-named to fail to start
xadsd: [NETLOGON] Workstation failed to authenticate: 0xc0000022 
7014409 - DSfW: ndsd crashes in with empty SID in ldapsearch
7011732 - DSfW: ADC install fails NDS error: bad password (-222)
7011671 -
Installation of OES11SP1 Domain Services for Windows fails if November 2012 patch is installed
7009930 - Provisioning for new DSfW domain Controller Fails with -614 error during the Assign Rights Task
7009567 - Security Vulnerability - DSfW non-administrative domain users have all rights to new Group Policy Objects
7009358 - MMC shows objects multiple times after applying August Maintenance Patch
7006851 - Workstations with duplicate names joined to the domain cause slow logins
7007011 - Password Policy is Overwritten with GPO Password Policy

7005705 -

Directory \\servername\sysvol\"domain name" isn't accessible anymore after updating Samba.

Useful information

7002907 -

Important log files for DSFW

7001886 -

Services and Network Ports used by DSfW

7003070 -

Ldapsearch for DSfW
7012461 - How to Export an Object or a User
7007276 -
DSfW TIDs regarding VMWare View
7012534 -
List of DSfW Bug Fixes In Maintenance Patches
7012113 - Configuring BlackBerry Device Service with DSfW
7001887 -
Daemons Domain Services for Windows uses

7003552 -

LDAP application does not work after installing DSfW into tree and DSfW server is down

7003989 -

Member server crashes when joining domain

7003990 -

Changing DSfW domain name
7006307 -
How to find the DSfW domain name
7006988 -
How to rename DSfW nebios name
7008032 -
How to rename a DSfW Domain User

7004002 -

Dynamic group is displayed as unknown object in MMC

7004405 -

DSfW Group Types

7004683 -

DSfW Default Configuration smb.conf files

7003443 -

Delegate control in MMC does not work with DSfW

7005685 -

Failed to open the Group Policy Object.  You do not have appropriate rights.
7008428 - Windows versions supported with Domain Services for Windows
7004782 -
Kerberos authentication for the user without UserPrincipalName (UPN) attribute fails
7003443 -
Delegate control in MMC does not work
7006844 - How to Consolidate Matching DNS Zones
7013478 - DNS Record is Missing - How to recreate a DSfW DNS Record
7010886 -
7012947 -
Using ldapsearch to find DNS-DHCP Loctor Objects
Unable to read locator reference from NCP server


3576510 -

Basic Troubleshooting of Domain Services for Windows
7009601 -
Tools Needed to Troubleshoot a Workstation Joining a DSfW Domain
7009602 - How To Take a LDAP / NMAS Trace for DSfW
7009603 - Troubleshooting Application Authentication
7006275 - Troubleshooting DSfW Group Policy Objects
7010462 - Troubleshooting slow login or unresponsive server
7006270 -
Simple script to test if GPO is being executed

7002577 -

After DSfW install, LDAP search does not return all entries

7004481 -

Error: The Password does not meet the password policy when joining workstation to domain
7006254 -
Users can not change passwords "Windows cannot set the password for <user>

7005568 -

Password Restriction Joining a workstation to a DSfW domain
7005721 -
DSfW Universal password policy gets reset every 30 minutes

7002344 -

Winbind Fails to start when server is rebooted

7006446 -

DNS Fails to start - CASA Credential Not found

7012947 -

Novell DNS Fails to start - Unable to read locator reference from NCP server

7002267 -

Failed to configure XAD

3925469 -

Deleter name not showing up when trying to salvage files

7002756 -

Unable to access sysvol when using \\domain\sysvol

7003431 -

Unable to create DSfW users with MMC

7004943 -

wbinfo -u fails on DSfW server

7005617 -

DSfW Universal Password changes do not modify Kerberos password

7004291 -

Unable to access the netlogon share on an ADC in a DSfW domain
7006468 -
Unable to add additional Domain Controller when the domain ends in .local
7007273 -
Intruder Detection Settings are not retained
7006446 -
xadcntrl validate shows novell-named is unused
7008500 - How to enable debug logging for DSfW sysvol synchronization

Failed install/ how to remove DSfW

7005431 -

How to Remove a DSfW server, domain, and forest

7000122 -

Cleaning up after a failed Domain Services Installation - OES2SP1 Only

7004954 -

DSfW install Fails in "Set Credentials for Accounts"

7002274 -

DSfW Install Fails due to international characters

7003727 -

Invalid Credentials when installing DSFW server

7003617 -

Adding a samba server as a member server crashes xadsd
7008427 - DSfW install fails associating DomainDNS object class with domain object

7008305 -

Provisioning wizard samify task fails on Netware server license objects


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