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How to forward incoming emails to an external email recipient as the original sender

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Novell GroupWise 7
Novell GroupWise 8
Novell GroupWise 6.5
Novell GroupWise 32 bit Client


How to forward incoming emails to an external email recipient  as the original sender
How to forward an incoming email as the original sender
How to forward email as the original sender
How to forward incoming email for a specific user to an external email recipient as the original sender


1. Enable Flat Forwarding in the GWIA with either of the following. 

A- The /flatfwd switch can be added to the gwia.cfg. 

B- Go to Consoleone / properties of the GWIA / SMTP Mime tab / Message Formating and check box to enable flat forwarding.

Create the Rule (each user)
2. Login as the user in GroupWise client and go to tools - Rules and click new to create a new rule
3. Name the rule as per choice or identity for example: Mail Forwarder
4. Make sure the event is New Item and put a check on Received
5. Click Add action and select forward as attachment.
6. In the To: field type <Domain Object name>.<GWIA object name>:<deliveryemailaddress>   
    For example: 
7. Do not add any other settings or comments rather just save the rule
8. Ensure that the rule created is on the top priority, in other words first in the list
9. Stop GWIA and Start it.
10. Logout from the GroupWise Client and login again

Additional Information

/flatfwd  - /flatfwd switch when added to gwia.cfg is applicable to all users sending out the particular GWIA:

Use of the switch strips out the empty message that is created when a message is forwarded without adding text, and retains the original sender of the message, rather than showing the user who forwarded it. This facilitates users forwarding messages from GroupWise to other e-mail accounts. Messages arrive in the other accounts showing the original senders, not the users who forwarded the messages from GroupWise.

Syntax: /flatfwd

Note for example above:
DomGW is the name of domain object seen in ConsoleOne
GWIA object is the object that belongs to DomGW is the external email address where the mails need to be forwarded to
DomGW and GWIA are the objects that should belong to each other in ConsoleOne and GWIA should be outbound mail


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