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Sometimes, the schema does not extend in GroupWise 8 Install

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Novell eDirectory 8.8 for NetWare 6.5
Novell eDirectory for NetWare 6.5
Novell eDirectory for NetWare 6.5
Novell GroupWise 8


Prior to installing or even upgrading to GroupWise 8, the instructions ask that the schema be extended. 
Sometimes, when ConsoleOne is used to extend the schema, an error " The directory service provider used by ConsoleOne returned an unknown error.  Retry the operation or contact a Novell Support Provider."  Error: javax.naming.NameAlreadyBoundException; remaining name 'pager'. is shown


This looks to be an error regarding how ConsoleOne deals with extending the schema.  To resolve this, do the following:

On a NetWare 6.5 Server
  1. At the server console, enter nwconfig.

  2. Select Directory Options> Extend Schema.

  3. Log in as a user with administrative rights.

  4. Press F3 to specify a different path, then type sys:\system\schema (or the path for your *.sch file) and the name of your schema file.

  5. Press Enter.

For all other servers,

1- Login to iManager
2- Go to Schema under Tasks
3- Choose Extend Schema
4- Select Import Data from file on disk
5- go to the path of the schema file for GroupWise 8
6- Authenticate to a specific server IP address that holds a copy of Root and login as Admin of the Tree
7- The secure port of 636 may have to be supplied for the authentication
8- A summary page should be shown and then click "Finish" to extend the schema.

This should resolve the schema issue.  To make sure the schema is synchronizing properly, DStrace, NDStrace, or iMonitor can be used to look at just the schema synchronization to verify that an All Processed= Yes is received on the server authenticated to previously.


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