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The tsafsgw makes a temporary copy of GroupWise databases on disk during the backup process. How long will it exist in the temporary location?

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"The tsafsgw makes a temporary copy of GroupWise databases on disk during the backup process. This minimizes the time that the backup process locks the live GroupWise database so that the GroupWise agents continue to run smoothly during backup."
How long will the copied databases exist in the temp location?


The temporary file is created when the Backup application asks the TSAFSGW  to open the file.  And the temporary file is deleted when the backup application tells TSAFSGW to close the file. 
What actually takes place is:
1. The backup application tells TSAFSGW to open the file
2. TSAFSGW asks TSAFS for the original file
   a. TSAFS opens and locks the original file
   b. TSAFSGW creates the temporary file.
   c. TSAFSGW will loop requesting chunks of data from the TSAFS from the original file.  Each time TSAFSGW receives a chunk it writes it to the temporary file.
   d. After all data is received and written to the temporary file TSAFSGW tell TSAFS to close the original file (and releasing the lock).
3. The backup application loops asking TSAFSGW for chunks of data (TSAFSGW reads the data from the temporary file)
4. After the backup application receives all the data then it tells TSAFSGW to close the file. TSAFSGW will close the temporary file and delete it.


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