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Defects fixed in Designer 4.0.2 Auto Update

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NetIQ Designer


Defects fixed in Designer 4.0.2 Auto Updates


Defects fixed in AU4a:

With AU4 installed, applying any UAD Package to an active environment causes duplication and invalid driver

Defects fixed in AU4:

ID Description
786917 policy order by weight is lost/ignored during package updates
781955 Uninstalling package removes the linkages defined in the dependant package
781959 Upgrading package removes the linkages defined in the dependant package
782011 Downgrading package removes the linkages defined in the dependant package
782018 Upgrading package removes the linkages defined in the dependant upgraded package
782020 Downgrading package removes the linkages defined in the dependant upgraded package
786989 Factory mode corrpupts the driver params labels
792512 Security: Designer does not validate the display name and description of prov objects which can lead to a XSS attack
793318 java7 - Not able to create package on Specific project
802352 Unable to create a Role with the same cn within Parent and Sub-Containers
809069 Account tracking GCV value is not getting updated on upgrade
818604 Designer requires selecting a Category to create a Resource or Role
818607 Designer requires a Trustee to be able to deploy a Resource
834778 Designer AU3 links subscriber event transforms 3x when adding to a package
840817 Import package that has jobs is causing the checksum failure
846412 Adding a ECMA Script object to a package is not syncing to the driver on which the package is installed
781939 Checksum error in Designer when packages that contact Jobs.
796107 Changing compare mode in conditions from equal/regex to not-equal does not keep the submode regex
811724 Cannot generate driver name prompt resource in 402AU2a
822762 GCV prompt resource default stylesheets do not handle "list" type GCVs properly
822763 Designer does not support creation of list type prompts in prompt resources
828116 Unable to create driver name prompt in designer after patching to autoupdate 2a
829231 "Update Identity Manager Engine Version from a Live Server" throws a prompt saying IDM Version is already current eventhough it's not
829305 D4.02 AU2a Policy Compare functionality tweak
833077 Server properties not showing correct Engine patch version
835522 The Designer Update does not tell you the version it is going to install
819398 Support resource subcontainers

Defects fixed in AU3:

ID Description
800381 GCVs from Global Configuration Objects are not showing up in Variable Selector | GCV Selector
819684 time-out from the RBPM Actions causes all TCP/HTTP connects to fail
825247 Designer online package update fails to list few packages
826104 Designer Crashes when doing some UserApp related operations
508958 Connection lines in the Architect view are not handled in the Version control
757594 Designer 4.0.1 svn commit error
789499 User Application Packages not concidered "applicable"
792795 Package Catalog issues after SVN updates
800060 Coverity Defects: Classification 'Resource Leak' and 'Performance'
816614 Double slashes used as folder separators when packages are published
828988 Designer Crashes when doing some UserApp related operations
792622 Update the designer to include the new drivers for oracle e-business suite(HR and TCA)
805131 Provide <start> event at driver startup, <stop> event at driver shutdown

Defects fixed in AU2:

ID Description
788515 Filter deploy incomplete after package upgrade with filter resource object
788603 Driver Set GCVs lost on package update
796733 Package Copy does not set the package id for the member objects
676487 Identity Manager Designer SVN performance and memory leaks.
760722 IDM 4 packages conflict with password sync dialogue
775331 Import function causes designer to lockup
777509 Job objects and job prompt objects in packages do not work
785604 Not able to generate documents when upgrading Designer from 401 to 402 in Windows
790874 Doing VC view > Get updates going to 100% CPU uage
791866 Roles with parameters are not deployed correctly
792936 Unable to commit new package when short name differs only in case from other package
804436 Entitlements extension GCVs not showing the updated data after downgrade/upgrade
806633 Package manager no longer removes filter items when last package with filter extensions is uninstalled
738706 IDM Designer returns a package dependency error incorrectly
775192 Designer Update to include new Driver for Office 365
781813 IDM Designer overloading hotkeys during package creation
785446 VC View - Refresh takes long time to get the current status
791247 Designer 402 stalls after sometime of inactivity after applying AU1
774130 Start Workflow action might cause the driver to hang
789529 Report the comparison of any two versions of a package
789531 Reporting the comparison of any customizations done on installing a package on a driver
795211 Enable multi-item operation in policy set view for package development
795212 Ability to compare two policies from policy set view in Designer
795500 Need Omnibond Driver ID's added

Defects fixed in AU1:

ID Description
754884 Designer base package updates break SSL between engine and RL due to bad XSLT
771664 Package upgrade fail if policy from package is open in active editor
777688 Cannot select a Mapping Table object as the target of a package prompt
778230 Designer 4.0.2 Refresh : Auto Updates doesn't work against the Designer ISO build
449034 Compare throws null pointer exception when the VC server has the deleted object but the local copy does not have.
491565 Compare editor does not apply selected revisions
667348 Identity Manager Designer does not allow modification of ECMAScript after import.
672168 Driver set package installation issue
679628 Identity Manager Designer corrupts XML entities on export after import.
704217 Upgrades and downgrades of structured GCVs bloat the template values with instance values
750432 IDM Designer fails all updates if any update source cannot be reached
762779 New GCV values are not getting added during package upgrade
768074 Package upgrade is not taking care change in the order of policy execution
769590 Update the designer to include the new driver for oracle e-business suite
776392 Trying to Open ECMA Script Editor in a workflow Action causes the designer to Hang forever
480406 Version Control panel display not showing updates
738708 IDM Designer prevents package from being downgraded once upgraded
767928 Packaging change removes links when reverting customizations
770613 userapp driver import always imports resource associations and role definition container structure
772390 Salesforce Package upgrade changes the order of policy execution.
777822 Not able to open any of the objects through version control view
777934 In some cases clicking on the ecma editor in a mapping activity locks Desinger
779433 Structured GCVs are not handled properly in package prompt transforms
603126 Cannot install Prov Packages.
758197 Need a package manager best practice guide to develop, consume and maintain the pacakges


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