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Unable to start postgres service

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Novell Data Synchronizer
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11


Unable to start postgres service
ERROR: "Starting PostgreSQLcould not start server " while starting postgres
"rcpostgresql status " output shows as unused
ps -aux | grep sql | grep -v grep does not show postgres running


Troubleshooting Steps / Resolution:
  1. Edit /var/lib/pgsql/data/postgresql.conf .
  2. Change "silent_mode = on " to "silent_mode = off ". This would provide more information as to why is it failing
  3. Start postgresql by typing "rcpostgresql start " and press Enter
  4. Check if the following error is received. If yes, please follow the steps listed below the error
    2010-11-22 19:15:45 MST   WARNING:  could not create listen socket for "localhost"
    2010-11-22 19:15:45 MST   FATAL:  could not create any TCP/IP sockets
    • Edit /etc/hosts
    • Make sure the following line exists at the very top. If not add it before other statements.           localhost
    • Edit /var/lib/pgsql/data/pg_hba.conf
    • Make sure the following lines exist in the file. The following lines are from a DataSync server. Some lines may differ if this is not a DataSync server.
      local all postgres ident sameuser
      host all postgres ident sameuser
      host all postgres ::1/128 ident sameuser
      local   datasync         all                       md5
      host    datasync         all    md5
      host    datasync         all       ::1/128         md5
      local   postgres         datasync_user                    md5
      host    postgres         datasync_user    md5
      host    postgres         datasync_user    ::1/128         md5
      local   mobility    all                               md5
      host    mobility    all          md5
      host    mobility    all         ::1/128               md5
    • Restart the server.


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  • Creation Date:22-NOV-10
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