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How to Backup and Restore the Mobility Service

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GroupWise Mobility 2014 R2


How to backup and restore Mobility 2014 R2


Please follow the steps listed below to backup Mobility Server

  1. Create a directory called backup in /var by typing "mkdir /var/backup" and press Enter.
  2. Backup the postgres database:
    • Shut down Moblity by typing "rcgms stop" and press Enter.
    • Shut down postgres by typing "rcpostgresql stop" and press Enter.
    • Type "cd /var/lib" and press Enter.
    • Type "tar -czvpf /var/backup/pgsql.tgz pgsql" and press Enter.
    • Once the backup is complete, start postgres by typing "rcpostgresql start" and press Enter.
  3. Backup the Mobility software/configuration files:
    • Type "cd /var/lib" and press Enter
    • Type "tar -czvpf /var/backup/vardatasyncback.tgz datasync" and press Enter.
    • Type "cd /opt/novell" and press Enter.
    • Type "tar -czvpf /var/backup/optdatasyncback.tgz datasync" and press Enter.
    • Type "cd /etc" and press Enter.
    • Type "tar -czvpf /var/backup/etcdatasyncback.tgz datasync" and press Enter.
    • Start Mobility by typing "rcgms start" and press Enter.


  1. Move /var/backup to any other location or a tape using backup software if needed.


Please follow the steps listed below to restore Mobility Pack server. The following steps assume that the server has crashed and a new server needs to be built.

  1. Install the Server with the same SLES Version and Support Pack with the same name and IP Address.
  2. Download the same version of Mobility Pack Build that was used while taking the backup from
  3. Launch YaST and click Software | Add-On Products.
  4. Click Add.
  5. Click Local ISO Image...
  6. Click Next.
  7. In the Repository Name, type  mobility.
  8. In the Path to ISO Image, browse to the Mobility Pack iso.  Click OPEN.
  9. Click Next.
  10. Select Yes, I Agree to the License Agreement and click Next.
  11. Click Accept.
  12. Click Continue on Changed Packages screen.  May have to CLICK on Continue, and again Continue to actually start the Installation.
  13. Once the installation is completed, it comes to the Mobility Pack Configuration screen. Click Abort on the Configuration screen.
  14. Click ABORT,  Abort Installation.
  15. Click OK.
  16. Create a directory called backup in /var by typing "mkdir /var/backup" and press Enter if it does not exist already.
  17. Restore the pgsql.tgz, vardatasyncback.tgz, optdatasyncback.tgz, etcdatasyncback.tgz in /var/backup directory.
  18. Type "cd /var/lib" and press Enter
  19. Remove the newly installed directory under /var/lib/ called /datasync by issuing the command:
    rm -R ./datasync
  20. Type "tar --same-owner -zxvpf /var/backup/pgsql.tgz" and press Enter. This will extract pgsql.tgz in the /var/lib/pgsql directory.
  21. Type "tar --same-owner -zxvpf /var/backup/vardatasyncback.tgz" and press Enter. This will extract vardatasyncback.tgz in/var/lib/datasync directory.
  22. Type "cd /etc" and press Enter
  23. Type "tar --same-owner -zxvpf /var/backup/etcdatasyncback.tgz" and press Enter. This will extract etcdatasyncback.tgz in /etc/datasyncdirectory.
  24. Type "cd /opt/novell" and press Enter.
  25. Type "tar --same-owner -zxvpf /var/backup/optdatasyncback.tgz" and press Enter. This will extract optdatasyncback.tgz in/opt/novell/datasync directory.
  26. Once the files have been extracted, type "rcpostgresql start" and press Enter. 
    There is a possibility that it may give an error "Starting PostgresSQLcould not start server" message but "rcpostgresql status" shows as running. If this happens, please follow the sub-steps in step 4 of the following TID and then type "rcpostgresql restart" and press Enter.
  27. Type "rcgms start" and press Enter
  28. Login to WebAdmin by typing https://IPAddressOfMobilityServer:8120 and press Enter.
  29. Click Users
  30. Note: Choosing to NOT re-initialize users can save time, then the next time these users devices communicate with Mobility, a Sync will occur to replace the data on the device with what is in the Postgres databases.  IF the data on the user’s phone is ok to have as of the Date and Time of the backup of the Mobility and Postgres system files, then you don’t need to re-initialize users.  However, if there are users that must have accurate and up-to-date data on their phone as soon as possible then for those users perform Steps 31 thru 33.
  31. Click a User’s UserID
  32. Under Actions | Click Re-initialize user
  33. Click "Reinitialize-User" again to confirm.
  34. Follow steps 29 thru 33.
    This will pull down emails/calendars/contacts again from GroupWise to the Mobility Database. Once the initial-sync is complete, the mails/contacts/calendar on the Device will temporarily disappear and will be re-downloaded. In some cases, account may need to be removed and added on the device again.
    Right now there is no way to reinitialize all the users at once and this has been reported to Engineering as an enhancement. Therefore, all users will need to be reinitialized manually. 

Additional Information

If the Mobility Server is unable to connect to LDAP server using SSL, please click on the link listed below


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