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iPrint Duplication Demonstration Videos

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Novell iPrint for Linux
Open Enterprise Server 2
Open Enterprise Server 11


Below lists YouTube links which demonstrate the Novell Cool Solution "iPrint Configuration Duplication Script".

Here is the link to the tool:


The demonstration video is split into the following 5 segments. Be sure to:
  • right-click the links and choose to view in a new tab or window
  • change the resolution option to 720HD
  • view the videos in full screen mode
Part 1 - iPrint Duplication Script Demo - Introduction (8 minutes)
This segment:
  • explains the intent of the script (0:00 -> 3:20)
  • show how the Print Manager binds to an address (5:10 -> 8:04)
Part 2 - iPrint Duplication Script Demo - Clients (7 minutes)
This segments shows:
  • a common, yet not recommended, configuration of the Print Manager (0:00 -> 0:50)
  • an automated way to configure clients to the recommended configuration (0:50 -> 2:20)
  • how to suppress the message that the client is being updated (2:20 -> 3:05)
  • an explanation of the Print Manager XML file (3:05 -> 6:40)
  • an the iPrint Certificate Management prompt. (6:40 -> 7:39)
Part 3 - iPrint Duplication Script Demo - Tour of Demo Environment (5 minutes)
This segment shows:
  • the iPrint configuration details of the demo environment prior to running the duplication script
    • The /ipp page (0:00 -> 0:30)
    • The iPrint configuration through iManager (0:30 -> 1:20)
    • The iPrint configuration through the /PsmStatus page (1:20 -> 2:45)
    • The iPrint configuration through putty (2:45 -> 4:20)
  • Demonstrate the print jobs are going through the production, active print manager (4:20 -> 5:06)
Part 4 - iPrint Duplication Script Demo - Script (7 minutes)
This segment shows:
  • how to do access and download the script (0:00 -> 1:30)
  • the actual running of the iPrint Configuration Script (1:30 -> 5:50)
  • the importance of the PSMHostAddress in the ipsmd.conf (5:50 -> 7:07)
Part 5 - iPrint Duplication Scipt Demo - Post (5 minutes)
This segment shows:
  • the results of the iPrint Duplication Script
    • through putty (0:00 -> 0:35)
    • through the /pmstatus page (0:35 -> 2:20)
  • print job submission after running the script (2:20 -> 3:35)
  • print job submission after modifying DNS (3:35 -> 4:40)
  • introduction to the following tool: iPrint Synchronizaion script (4:40 -> 5:24)
Part 6 - iPrint Duplication Script Demo - Sync (11 minutes)
This segment shows how to run the iPrint Synchronization script to set up cron to:
  • schedule periodic synchronizations of configuration changes from the production server to the backup server.
  • check status of the production print manager and send a notificaiton if it is determined to be down.

Additional Information

The original intention of the script being advertised in this TID is to duplicate your iPrint environment from one server to a back up server.  However, this script can also be used to perform an iPrint migration from one OES server to another (requires OES2 or higher).


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  • Creation Date:02-MAY-11
  • Modified Date:12-MAR-13
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