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Installation fails with "Validate BCP: bcp error"

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PlateSpin Migrate
PlateSpin Protect
OS PlateSpin will run on is Windows 2008 or 2008R2


The installation of PlateSpin Migrate or PlateSpin Protect fails.  The following error can be found in the MSI log:

Validate BCP: bcp error found at line: 396 - Error = (Microsoft)(SQL Native Client)(SQL Server)Cannot open database "portabilitysuite" requested by the login.  The login has failed.


There are several solutions to this issue:
Solution 1:
Allow the "Users" group Full Control of C:\Program files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Tools\Binn\bcp.exe or C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Tools\Binn\bcp.exe.

Solution 2:

1. If installing onto a VM and a snapshot was taken prior to installing any pre-requisites, revert to that snapshot.  Otherwise, re-install the Operating System
2. Once the Operating System is in a clean state with no pre-requisites installed, disable UAC
3. Install the expected pre-requisites (IIS, .Net Framework)
4. Install the Database instance (if using the local SQL 2005 Express instance)
5. Install PlateSpin Migrate or Protect

Solution 3:

Instead of installing PlateSpin Migrate or Protect in the default location, choose either to install to the root of C:, or to another volume entirely.  Installing to the root of C: in this case means having the installer create the installation folder under the C: volume, instead of under C:\Program Files.  For example, instead of installing to C:\Program Files (x86)\PlateSpin Protect Server the path would be changed to C:\PlateSpin Protect Server.


This error occurs because the user being used to install Migrate or Protect does not have appropriate access to run bcp.exe.  This can be due to system permissions or UAC.


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  • Document ID:7010999
  • Creation Date:24-OCT-12
  • Modified Date:19-NOV-12
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