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How do I gather diagnostic information for AppManager Operations Portal (AMOP)?

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NetIQ AppManager Operations Portal 5.0.x
Novell Operations Center 5.0.x


Procedure for gathering diagnostic log information for NOC/AMOP.


Instructions for NOC, Dashboard, and CMS:


Replace NOC with your base NOC directory. For example C:\NovellOperationsCenter\NOC:
  1. Open a Command Prompt.
  2. Change directories to the current path for your NOC installation (for example: For example C:\NovellOperationsCenter\NOC, where NOC is your base NOC directory).
  3. Type: mosconfigprobe

The output when run, will look something like this:

Starting probe, version 1.5.
Probe complete, took 6 second(s), output in C:\NovellOperationsCenter\NOC\bin\

Here is an example for running mymoprobe:

Replace Dashboard with your base Dashboard directory - for example C:\NovellOperationsCenter\Dashboard
1. Type cd novelloperationscenter/Dashboard/bin
2. Type mymoprobe

For windows: eg: mymoprobe output will look something like this:

Starting probe, version 1.1.
Wrote probe file, C:\NovellOperationsCenter\Dashboard\

Here is an example for running cmsprobe:
Replace CMS with your base CMS dir  for example C:\NovellOperationsCenter\CMS
1. Type cd NovellOperationsCenter/cms/bin
2. Type cmsprobe

For windows: eg: cmsprobe output will look something like this:

Starting probe, version 1.1.
Wrote probe file, C:\NovellOperationsCenter\CMS\
The zip file created will contain the logs and some config files. Please attach the zip file to the ticket.

Javacore/Thread Dumps:

Find the formula (mosformula.exe) process in the taskmanager list table and get the PID
The formula process generally has a large -Xmx=X setting and can sometimes be identified by that argument.
Perform the next step (trigger thread dumps) several times (5-6) separated by a few seconds each time.
On Windows - use our supplied javacore.exe PID - which then writes it out to the daemon.trc file
on unix: kill -QUIT PID (not on AIX)
on unix: kill -3 PID (this works on AIX but the dumps will go to javacore* files)
This will dump the status of each thread for that process into the daemon.trc file


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