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NT_CPUResource failing on Windows 2008 64-bit server

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NetIQ AppManager 7.0.x
NetIQ AppManager 8.0.x


NT_CpuResource Knowledge Script fails on NetIQ AppManager Agent with a line error displaying: Failed on CPU MO


  1. Verify the version of the NT_CpuResource KS, by either checking it out and reviewing the version, or viewing the version history.
  2. On the affected machine browse to the NetIQ install directory. This installs to C:\Program Files\NetIQ\ by default for 32-bit machines and C:\Program Files (x86)\NetIQ\ for 64-bit machines.
  3. Verify the version of the NQPerfProvider4.exe in the \NetIQ\AppManager\bin\ directory and validate is the same version as the script.
  4. Verify the version of the NQPerfProvider4.exe in the \NetIQ\AppManager\bin64\ directory and validate it is the same version as the script.
  5. If either version of the NQPerfProvider4.exe does not match then stop the agent services, ensure the NQPerfProvider4.exe process is no longer running then reinstall the WinOS module and validate the version was updated.


This typically occurs because the NQPerfProvider executable was in-use and unable to be updated during a Windows OS module update.


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  • Document ID:7011712
  • Creation Date:25-JAN-13
  • Modified Date:25-JAN-13
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