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Sentinel7 is down due to the system being out of disk space caused by RDD data

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NetIQ Sentinel 7.0


Sentinel7 is down due to the system being out of disk space caused by RDD data in the /var/opt/novell/sentinel/3rdparty/postgresql/database_rpt_files/PG_9.0_201008051/16394 #


First free up as much disk space as possible by removing any temp files or log files you can.  It is best to free up at least 2 to 3G of disk space.  Check /tmp or temporary software installation directories or move non system files to a temp location, etc..

In the event you are unable to clear up enough space. You can make a “templocation” directory and move files to a network or other mount point on the disk and create a symbolic link to the data.

From /var/opt/novell/sentinel/3rdparty/postgresql/database_rpt_files/PG_9.0_201008051/16394 # Pick 2 or 3 of the oldest and largest files.  For a directory listing you can use a command like “ll”.  Once you have the names of the files you desire to move you can use the move command as follows:

mv {“file name” }  / {templocation on a network  or other mount point on disk}

Once you have moved the files, the moved files still need to be accessible.  To accomplish this you can create a symbolic link to the templocation.  To create the symbolic link use “ln –s command like the following:

In the example I used the file “test” and the directory “templocation”

Once you have the space cleared you can start Sentinel. Pay close attention to the server0.0.log make sure it doesn’t produce messages about not having a license file. ( on occasion I have seen it remove the .primary_key if this is the case stop Sentinel, as to not use up the space you just cleared. Then using the to input a the primary key). Once Sentinel has started, refer to tid# 7011943  to remove the RDD report and recover the disk space


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