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B-tree file system (btrfs) Snapper config not found

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SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 Service Pack 2
B-tree Filesystem (btrfs)


The /etc/sysconfig/snapper has all the expected configurations, but they do not show up in snapper list-configs. No additional snapshots are being generated on the subvolume.

# snapper list-configs
Config | Subvolume 
bsmall | /bsmall   
bbig   | /bbig     
one    | /bbig/one 
heart  | /bbig/heart

However, /etc/sysconfig/snapper shows: SNAPPER_CONFIGS="bsmall bbig fry one heart". In this case the "fry" configuration is missing.

# ls /etc/snapper/configs
bbig  bsmall  heart  one

Attempting to list the fry configuration fails:

# snapper -c fry list
Config 'fry' not found.

Attempting to create the fry configuration again fails:

# snapper -c fry create-config /bsmall/fry
Creating config failed (config already exists).

The /var/log/snapper.log shows the following errors:

WARNING libsnapper(10649) - open for '/etc/snapper/configs/fry' failed
ERROR libsnapper(10649) - config 'fry' not found


Restore the configuration file from backup or recreate it manually. To recreate a configuration file, do the following:
NOTE: In this example the snapper config name we need to restore is "fry"
1. cp /etc/snapper/config-templates/default /etc/snapper/configs/fry
2. Make sure you know which subvolume the "fry" configuration is maintaining. In this case /bsmall/fry is the path.
# btrfs subvolume list /bsmall
ID 256 top level 5 path @
ID 258 top level 5 path @/fry
ID 259 top level 5 path @/.snapshots
ID 260 top level 5 path @/fry/.snapshots
ID 261 top level 5 path @/.snapshots/1/snapshot
ID 262 top level 5 path @/fry/.snapshots/1/snapshot
ID 263 top level 5 path @/.snapshots/2/snapshot
ID 264 top level 5 path @/.snapshots/3/snapshot
ID 265 top level 5 path @/.snapshots/4/snapshot
ID 266 top level 5 path @/fry/.snapshots/2/snapshot

3. Edit /etc/snapper/configs/fry
4. Replace SUBVOLUME="/" with SUBVOLUME="/bsmall/fry"
5. Save and exit /etc/snapper/configs/fry
6. Run snapper list-configs and snapper -c fry list to test.


The /etc/snapper/configs configuration file was deleted.


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  • Document ID:7012012
  • Creation Date:22-MAR-13
  • Modified Date:22-MAR-13
    • SUSESUSE Linux Enterprise Server

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