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Warning, Hangup occurred on 0 (5658b0)

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NetIQ Privileged User Manager 


Installed Privileged User Manager Admin package and unifid continuously restarts. 

Unifid.log shows: 
Warning, Hangup occurred on 0 (5658b0)
Warning, Hangup occurred on 0 (5658b0)
Warning, Hangup occurred on 0 (5658b0)
Error, Too many errors server terminating


1.  Stop unifid 
2.  Edit /opt/novell/npum/service/local/admin/connector.xml and change '443' to an available port not in use.
Example: Change from '443' to '1443'
3. Start unifid, verify no more warnings or restarts of unifid


Admin port 443 is already in used by another application. 

Additional Information



  <Connector port="443" mode="https" ssl_ctx="https"/>


  <Connector port="1443" mode="https" ssl_ctx="https"/>


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    • NetIQPrivileged User Manager

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