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Failover VM NICs mis-configured if source has multiple NICs

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When running a Prepare For Replication job for a source workload with multiple network adapters, the target network adapters are configured such that the first adapter has the right VLAN and the wrong networking information, where the last adapter will have the wrong VLAN and the right networking information.


To resolve this issue, edit the Network adapter settings for the VM such that the last adapter has the right VLAN.  It may also be required to check the "Connect at power on" and "Connected" checkboxes.
This change will typically be retained through replications.


This issue occurs because of a limitation in the Protect and Forge web UI.  The Replication Settings only allow for only one network adapter to be configured, which causes the configuration to sometimes be spread among multiple adapters instead.

Additional Information

The adapters that need to be changed will not always be the first and last as seen in the VM settings.  To determine accurately which adapter to modify follow these steps:

1. On the Failover VM run ipconfig /all
2. Locate the device with the correct network settings and record the MAC address
3. Edit the settings of the VM
4. Using the MAC Address information locate the Network adapter that has the correct networking configuration
5. Change the Network label to the appropriate VLAN


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