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JAVA core dumps occupy disk space in /usr/sbin

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SUSE Manager 1.7


JAVA core dumps (heapdump*, Snap* and javacore*) have been located in /usr/sbin and occupy disk space:
susemanager:~ # du -hs /usr/sbin/
2.2G    /usr/sbin/


Add the following environment variables to /etc/profile.local:
export IBM_HEAPDUMPDIR=/var/crash
export IBM_JAVACOREDIR=/var/crash
export IBM_COREDIR=/var/crash
and change the permissions on /var/crash to 1777:
chmod 1777 /var/crash
to allow the files get created by the respective user that owns the process. Restart spacewalk services to load the new settings:
spacewalk-service restart


In this case the dumps were caused by taskomatic which launches the JVM from /usr/sbin. The current settings store the core dumps in the executing directory.


Reported to Engineering

Additional Information

  • /etc/profile.local does not exist by default and needs to be created manually.
  • The usual disk space usage of a default installation of SUSE Manager occupies roughly 10MB of data in /usr/sbin.
  • /var/crash may be used for kernel dumps as well. Please make sure there is enough disk space available at this location.


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  • Creation Date:18-JUN-13
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