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Unable to start ArchiveAgent

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Novell Messenger


Unable to archive messages
Messages building up in AA/queue directory.
rcnovell-nmaa start reports failed, status reports not running. PID file not created for agent.
ps aux | grep -i nmaa reports agent running as root instead of configured uid (/etc/opt/novell/messenger/uid.conf)
Successfive rcnovell-nmaa start commands would startup/spawn more processes
rcnovell-nmaa stop doesn't work because no PID is created.
AA did 'start', but only listening on MTP port, not HTTP or C/S
Process has to be killed to terminate.

NMMA (Messaging Agent) reports in logs:
MTP Error sending session to Archive Agent [0x001]


Determine the specified uid to run the agents as:
  1. From a terminal window, type: cat /etc/opt/novell/messenger/uid.conf and press [Enter]
    Note: If there is no file specified, then the default is to run as root.
  2. Otherwise, the userID will be displayed. For example:

Configure directory for proper ownership:

  1. Determine the ArchiveAgent Queue Path (default: /var/opt/novell/messenger/aa/queue)
    • ConsoleOne | Messenger Service | Server object | Properties of ArchiveAgent | Agent tab | Archive | Queue Path
  2. From a terminal window, change directory to the specified directory from above.
    cd /var/opt/novell/messenger/aa/queue
  3. Modify ownership with the following chown -R <userID>:<userID> *
    For example, chown -R nvlmsgr:nvlmsgr *
  4. Restart Novell Messenger agents:
    rcnovell-nmaa restart; rcnovell-nmma restart


Improper ownership of file structure prevents processing of queue directory.

Additional Information

Watch count for ArchiveAgent Queue Directory:

  1. From a terminal window, type the following while in the ArchiveAgent Queue directory:
    watch -d -n5 'ls | wc -l'
  2. Wait for the queue to empty out, if there are any leftover files after a good amount of time that begin with an x, move them.
    mv x* /tmp
  3. Likewise, remove any 0 byte files that may be leftover:
    mv `find . -size 0` /tmp
    Note: It's also possible for corrupt messages from Steps 2 and 3 to prevent proper processing of the queue.

Update the ArchiveAgent Indexes for proper searching of the Archive:

  1. From the ArchiveAgent's HTTP WebConsole | Configuration | Archive Maintenance, select either Update Indexes or Delete & Regenerate Indexes
  2. Monitor progress of the Reindex:
    • The following will appear in the ArchiveAgent log:
      B70 ARC Rebuild of Indexes Started
      B70 ARC Update of Indexes Started
      B70 ARC Update of Indexes Complete
      B70 ARC Rebuild of Indexes Complete
    • Files will grow in the ArchiveAgent's store qfidx directory (default: /var/opt/novell/messenger/aa/store/qfidx):
      watch -d -n1 'ls -l' /var/opt/novell/messenger/aa/store/qfidx


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  • Creation Date:26-JUN-13
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