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How to migrate GroupWise from NW to Linux or Windows

This document (7012751) is provided subject to the disclaimer at the end of this document.


Novell GroupWise 8
Novell GroupWise 2012
Novell GroupWise 2014
Novell NetWare 6.5
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server


Migration steps for a GroupWise system from NetWare to Linux.
Unable to connect to Linux server with the Migration Utility (see Additional Information).

Running the GroupWise Server Migration Utility to migrate from NW to Linux provides the following error message (see Additional Information for openmotif steps):
Failed to install software on Linux server.  Verify that the server is up and has sufficient disk space.


(Option A) See GroupWise Server Migration Utility Installation and Migration Guide.

(Option B) See documentation for GroupWise Server Migration Utility: Manual Server Migration.

(Option C) For simplified manual server migration and upgrade to GroupWise 2014, see the steps below:
Note: For further details regarding ncpmount or dbcopy, see TID 7010760 - Using DBCOPY to Migrate a post office from NetWare or Windows to Linux.

  1. Mount the source GroupWise directory on the destination server:
    ncpmount -m -t 900 -r 100 -S nwserver1 -A -U admin.novell -V MAIL /mnt/nwserver1/mail
    Note: Replace with values appropriate to the environment.

  2. Copy GroupWise data (Domains and Post Offices) to the Linux server.
    Note: Be sure to use the -m switch, which will migrate files & run GWCheck storelowercase on the destination.
    On Linux, dbcopy is located in /opt/novell/groupwise/agents/bin/
    On Windows, dbcopy is located in C:\Program Files\Novell\GroupWise Server\Agents

    • (Option A: Live Copy Option - two passes, minimal downtime) :
      • Post Office
        • First pass (agents can be online):
          ./dbcopy -m -k -p -w -t 10 -f <sourcePODirectory> <destinationPODirectory>
        • Second pass (requires agent to be offline):
          ./dbcopy -m -k -p -w -t 10 -s <sourcePODirectory> <destinationPODirectory>
      • Domain
        • First pass (agents can be online):
          ./dbcopy -m -k -d -w -t 10 -f <sourceDomainDirectory> <destinationDomainDirectory>
        • Second pass (requires agent to be offline):
          ./dbcopy -m -k -d -w -t 10 -s <sourceDomainDirectory> <destinationDomainDirectory>

    • (Option B: Down Copy Option - single pass):
      The following is the most basic dbcopy command, which should do all that is required:
      dbcopy -m <sourceMountDirectory> <destinationLocal>

      Note: The agents must be down for the above command to work properly. There are many other options with dbcopy that may allow for minimal downtime.

  3. Install and Upgrade to GroupWise 2014.
    Linux: Installing the GroupWise Server Software.
    Windows: Installing the GroupWise Server Software.

    The installation steps are provided above, but below is the general procedure:
    1. Launch the GroupWise 2014 installer ( or setup.exe)
    2. Install GroupWise Server Agents
    3. Launch the GroupWise Installation console:
      1. Linux: Select Configure and open the url provided To Install or configure a new GroupWise server.
      2. Windows: From the Desktop, double-click GroupWise Install to open the web browser and access the Installation console.
    4. Select Upgrade an Existing Domain or Post Office to GroupWise 2014
    5. Click Add to add Domain and Post Office System Settings as needed (paths to the data directories, etc.)
    6. Click to Finish the upgrade.
      Note: This will update /etc/opt/novell/groupwise/gwha.conf with the appropriate agent information, copy the dictionary (.dc) files to the data directories, which the agents use to upgrade the database once they have been started.

Additional Information

The Migration Utility needs to run on a Windows Workstation that has access to both the NetWare and Linux systems.

Verify the Linux server has the following rpm installed, otherwise problems may occur during migration when attempting to connect to the server using the Migration Utility:
  1. From a terminal window type:
    rpm -qa | grep -i openmotif
  2. If nothing returns from the above command, cd to the <installation media directory for GroupWise>/common:
    rpFull Screenm -ihv openmotif22-libs.rpm


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  • Creation Date:01-JUL-13
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