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Changing Resource Attributes without Resource Restart (PACEMAKER COROSYNC)

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SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension 11 Service Pack 2


Under some circumstances it is desireable to change the Attributes of a Resource in the Cluster without having the Resource restarting. This is especially true if the Resource in question is a part of a group or other Resources are depending via an order constraint to the Resource in question.
Under normal cricumstances any change of any Attribute of a Resource, for example the ARP interval of an IPAddr2 Resource, will lead to a restart of this Resource in the cluster and all depending Resources.


This behaviour can be prevented by setting the Resource in question to unmanaged first, then do the changes, then cleanup the unmanaged resource and then put it in managed mode again. On the commandline with a theoretical Resource Agent of Name "test_ip" this would go like

   crm configure property maintenance-mode="true"

   crm configure edit test_ip

   crm resource cleanup test_ip

   crm configure property maintenance-mode="false"

but please keep in mind that this is a best-practice tip and advanced administration. Also that changing the Attributes of a Resource might have other consequences.


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  • Document ID:7012872
  • Creation Date:17-JUL-13
  • Modified Date:17-JUL-13
    • SUSESUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension

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