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Error: LDAP Contextless Login is not enabled for ""

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Novell Client 2 SP3 for Windows


After configuring LDAP Contextless Login according to the "Novell Client for Windows Administration Guide," when a users enters their credentials, the following error is seen in the eDirectory tab of "Show Advanced Options":

LDAP Contextless Login is not enabled for ""

The problem occurs even after specifying the tree on the LDAP Contextless Login tab of the Novell Client Properties.


Provide the tree name in the "Tree:" field of the eDirectory tab of "Show Advanced Options" when logging in.


Seeing this in the eDirectory tab of "Show Advanced Options" is expected in any case where no eDirectory tree name has been entered for the actual login attempt yet.  i.e. Enabling LDAP Contextless Login for a specific eDirectory tree does not mean that eDirectory tree is now somehow "the default for all future login attempts."  It is still necessary to specify which
eDirectory tree you're attempting to login with during the login attempt.

If the eDirectory tree name has not already been saved as part of the user's login profile, or the user has not yet entered the eDirectory tree name into what was otherwise a blank/new login profile, then "LDAP Contextless Login is not enabled for ''" is expected because """ (a blank/empty string) is what's currently present in the "Tree:" field.  The status message will change once an eDirectory tree name has actually been entered into the "Tree:" field, and the user tabs out / moves focus out of the "Tree:" field so that Windows knows you're done editing the field.


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  • Creation Date:06-AUG-13
  • Modified Date:06-AUG-13
    • NovellClient for Open Enterprise Server (Client)

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