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CIFS will not start: Adding a Virtual Server is failed - Error: Unknown, error number: -1

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Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 (OES 2) Linux
Novell Open Enterprise Server 11 (OES 11) Linux
Novell Cluster Services


  • Manually adding CIFS to Virtual Server from the command line
    • Adding a Virtual Server is failed
    • Error: Unknown, error number: 22101
  • Debug cifs.log; e.g. /var/opt/novell/log/cifs.log
    • Aug 23 13:28:06 pink CIFS[5717]: DEBUG: ENTRY: VOLInfoAddOneMountPoint Fails
    • Aug 23 13:28:06 pink CIFS[5717]: ERROR: ENTRY: CIFSNDSReadFromNDS: Error adding a new share (CIFSNDSPutSharePointInfo): -1
    • Aug 23 13:28:06 pink CIFS[5717]: CRITICAL: CLI: AddServer: CIFSNDSReadFromNDS(): Unable to read attributes of .cn=FLOYD_SERVER.ou=Cluster.o=Novell.t=DARKSIDE. from NDS, error = -1
  • load.out file; e.g. /var/opt/novell/log/ncs/FLOYD_SERVER.load.out
    • Adding a Virtual Server is failed
    • Error: Unknown, error number: -1


Ensure that the nfapCIFSShares attribute shows the path in the correct format on the Virtual Server object (See Additional Information, below).
  • Correct:  'VOLUME1' 'VOLUME1' 0 'NSS Volume'
  • Incorrect:  'VOLUME1:\' 'VOLUME1' 0 'NSS Volume'


The nfapCIFSShares attribute may have become corrupt.  Possible causes are
  • Cluster Resource upgraded from earlier versions of Cluster Services; e.g.  NetWare or OES
  • Old iManager snapins or ConsoleOne used to administer NCS on OES

Additional Information

Troubleshooting/debugging steps
  • Enable CIFS debugging and info
  • Enable NCS debugging
  • Attempt to add CIFS to Virtual Server object manually, outside of the NCS Load Script
    • novcifs --add --vserver=.CN=FLOYD_SERVER.OU=Cluster.O=Novell.T=DARKSIDE. --ip-addr=
  • Take a network trace (tcpdump/Wireshark) to see which eDirectory attributes are being requested
    • Compare to a working resource
  • Examine/Edit Virtual Server Object Attributes
    • iManager -> Directory Administration -> Modify Object -> <Browse to Virtual Server Object> -> General tab -> Other subtab -> nfapCIFSShares -> Edit


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  • Document ID:7013095
  • Creation Date:23-AUG-13
  • Modified Date:23-AUG-13
    • NovellOpen Enterprise Server

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