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pacemaker default behavior changed

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SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension 11 Service Pack 3


The Pacemaker update to version 1.1.10 introduces a behavior change that might prevent the DLM resource (ocf:pacemaker:controld) from starting if stonith-enabled is set to false

This change was needed because the DLM and all services depending on it such as cLVM2 and OCFS2 cannot work properly if stonith-enabled is set to false. They will silently fail and block forever in case of a node failure or split-brain scenario that cannot be resolved without fencing. So these services should not start (to avoid data corruption) if stonith is explicitly disabled.

This stonith-enabled check can be overridden by configuring the parameter


in the DLM resource, allowing the resource to start even if stonith-enabled is set to false. However this is not recommended for production environments.


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  • Creation Date:12-DEC-13
  • Modified Date:07-JAN-14
    • SUSESUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension

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