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Identity Manager calling ECMA Script from Health Job causing Exception

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Novell Identity Manager 4.0


Calling an ECMA Script from the Driver Health Job configuration causes an exception when the health job is running.

ECMA Script:
function HealthGreen( ) {
    var s1 = "Green Health";
    return s1;
HealthGreen( );
When the Health Job is being processed it will result in:

3866531584 DVRS: [2013/12/12  1:11:33.963] Health Job JT:: Processing object '\SLES11IDM\system\driverset1\EntitlementDriver'
3866531584 DVRS: [2013/12/12  1:11:33.964] Health Job JT:
Job Intermediate Result -------------------
     Job:     \SLES11IDM\system\driverset1\Health Job
     Status:  Error
     Object:   \SLES11IDM\system\driverset1\EntitlementDriver
     Message: java.lang.NullPointerException

Engine Trace - normal "Generate Event" 3862320896 DVRS: [2013/12/12  1:07:04.754] Health Job JT::     evaluating state: green
3862320896 DVRS: [2013/12/12  1:07:04.754] Health Job JT::     current health state: green
3862320896 DVRS: [2013/12/12  1:07:04.754] Health Job JT::       Trying to execute generate event action
3862320896 DVRS: [2013/12/12  1:07:04.771] Health Job JT: Job Intermediate Result -------------------
     Job:     \SLES11IDM\system\driverset1\Health Job
     Status:  Success
     Object:   \SLES11IDM\system\driverset1\EntitlementDriver


Modifying the Driver Health Configuration Action in iManager will fix the issue.


The reason is that when Designer is deploying the Health Driver configuration it will set the action DN (ECMA Script) incorrectly.

Created with iManager:
    <execute-ecmascript resource-dn="Health.EntitlementDriver.driverset1.system"/>

Created with Designer:
    <execute-ecmascript resource-dn="Health.EntitlementDriver.driverset1.SLES11IDM"/>

This have been reported to engineering.


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  • Creation Date:02-JAN-14
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    • NetIQIdentity Manager

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