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DSfW: How to restore a user or group objectSid

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Novell Open Enterprise Server 11 SP2 (OES11SP2)
Novell Open Enterprise Server 11 SP1 (OES11SP1)
Domain Services for Windows


A user or group was deleted and then recreated.
When the user or group is recreated a new objectSid is assigned.  This can cause issues with user profiles, rights, and applications.
If the old objectSid is known, it can be restored using the following method.


Many times the SID can be found by looking at a properties of folder | Security tab.  Instead of listing the user name the SID is listed.  This is because the object can not be resolved by SID.

In this example the SID will be S-1-5-21-1492677929-201335990-300129047-1020

First convert the SID to base64.  This can be done on the DSfW server using the script

/opt/novell/xad/share/dcinit/ S-1-5-21-1492677929-201335990-300129047-1020

Now create a ldif file for the user or group in question.
For this example we will restore a group called teachers.

dn: cn=teachers,dc=dsfw,dc=lan

Replace the dn: and objectSid:: with the correct values for your object.
Note: after obectSid there are two colons, objectSid::
Now use ldapmodify on the DSfW server to apply the changes.  The file name for this example will be teachers.ldif
Note: The EXTERNAL or GSSAPI or GSSSPNEGO methods must be used to apply this change.  iManager or using ldapmodify with simple bind will not work.

export LDAPCONF=/etc/opt/novell/xad/openldap/ldap.conf
/usr/bin/ldapmodify -Y EXTERNAL -f teachers.ldif

To verify the objectSid has been modified do a ldapsearch
ldapsearch -Y EXTERNAL cn=teachers objectSid

dn: cn=teachers,dc=dsfw,dc=lan

To convert the objectSid from base64 to a readable SID do:
/opt/novell/xad/share/dcinit/ AQUAAAAAAAUVAAAAKXX4WLYkAAwXm+MR/AMAAA==
Returns: S-1-5-21-1492677929-201335990-300129047-1020

Additional Information

Format for ldif to replace objectSid

Command to convert SID to ldap format (base64)
/opt/novell/xad/share/dcinit/ <SID>

Command to convert ldap format (base64) objectSid to SID
/opt/novell/xad/share/dcinit/ <base64 value of objectSid>

For more information on ldapsearch for DSfW see TID 7003070


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