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How to evaluate query result from multi-value attribute Forums
28 Apr 2015 put a nodeset in a foreach loop you can access the current node with the $current-node local variable (NOT $current-value, which is only used relative to the reformat-op-attr token). See if that works for you. -- Good luck. If you find this

NDS 601 errors when trying to view Linux Profile tab Forums
27 Apr 2015 ...on that tab, may be actually stored on another object? Since you mentioned LUM, perhaps something in the plugin is trying to access the 'Unix Configuration' object which is behind the assignment of UIDs and GIDs to LUM-enabled objects. The iManager

Confused about secret store Forums
21 Apr 2015 ...or having to remember/forget them. NetIQ's SecureLogin or NetIQ Access Manager, I believe, can use values in this store specifically. The use case is that the user logs in once with their real password, and then the tools they have (NSL, NAM) automatically

novell-DXMLGoogleApps-4.0.5-0 NullPointerException with Move Forums
17 Apr 2015 ...received a null Association-Ref DirXML: [04/17/15 09:05:32.66]: TRACE: getValueAssociationRef: assoc-ref received a null Association-Ref DirXML: [04/17/15 09:05:32.66]: TRACE: DirectoryAppClient.restoreuser(): Restoring system access for user DirXML:

What Megaplex Theaters and Access Management Have in Common Articles/Tips
16 Apr 2015 ...Megaplex rules generally prohibit theater hopping, the practice of paying to see one movie, then sampling other movies in the megaplex for free. And IT security rules ( access governance rules) generally prohibit unauthorized access to data and applications.

ECMA script library performing ldapmodify? Forums
16 Apr 2015 ...specific ECMA script function(written by a consultant) to create the lv10 roles via a UserApp call. UserApp creates the lv10 role in the central partition, but there are some more attrs missing, that I would like to add. I can't access the lv10 role directly

bidirectional E-dir, password sync status problem Forums
15 Apr 2015 ...i get: Password status: Not Synchronized. LDAPException: Invalid Credentials (49) Invalid Credentials LDAPException: Server Message: NDS error: failed authentication (-669) LDAPException: Matched DN: The driver has full access to the user container,

PoswerShell Scripting Driver get Filter options Forums
13 Apr 2015 know which attribute changes to create and send publisher events for. Not sure if/how it's accessible from a poll script in the scripting driver, though.

DN Lookup inside a HTML table Forums
10 Apr 2015 id='myTargetId'></td> * Your DNLookup is located BEHIND the HTML field on your form * The lookup has an onload event jqMoveField( field.getName(), "myTargetId" ); * the script functions below are accessible - e.g., in an

help me add new server without using "-p ip:port" Forums
8 Apr 2015 ...65533;+. ERROR: ndsconfig return value = 101. ed8-srv3:/eDirectory/setup # Both the the replica servers are running perfectly and accessible from ed8-srv3 via hostname(ed8-srv1 and ed8-srv2) and their IP addresses. while if I provide the replica

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