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Access Governance Suite Patches/Security
6 Aug 2014 ...Access Governance Suite. AGS-6.1p9zip.md5 This is patch 9 for version 6.1 of Access Governance Suite. Overview: This is patch 9 for version 6.1 of Access Governance Suite. - The Inbox and Outbox quick search boxes are now configurable to

NetIQ Access Review VS. Identity Manager - a quick one! Forums
13 Jul 2014 ...understand. Its nice to know that NetIQ are developing their own parts of governance and not relying entirely on the AGS for goods. Anyway, I do understand that Access Review is actually another module (as the User Application) that is being used in

SNMP Monitoring Failed Forums
13 Jul 2014 eDirecttory successfully the end of my snmp.conf is trapsink public # rwcommunity mysecret master agentx #eDiretcory com2sec demouser default public group demogroup v1 demouser view all included .1 access demogroup

Validator 1.3 Public Beta 1 Forums
10 Jul 2014 ...access. It's intended for PM, Architects and QA people to run tests. So go to localhost:1077/runner when you get it and let us know what you think. If you'd like access to it let me know by emailing me at and I'll add you to the Filr download. Here

Entitlement Service Driver startup problem Forums
10 Jul 2014 ...618 error comes from eDirectory and means something in the database (DIB) is inconsistent, so you're possibly looking at corruption. I'd probably try other ways of accessing the relevant objects (LDAP, iMonitor, etc.) to see if the error shows up there

iManager 2.7.7 (Batch File Windows) Forums
9 Jul 2014 ...batch file, and I have added plug-ins as needed. In this case I have been trying to access "my cluster" tab, and the cluster services/resources which run on a mixture of eDirectory 8.8.6 - 8.8.7 servers. When I access the "My Cluster

Office 365 license change problem Forums
8 Jul 2014 ...Originally Posted by vivekbm Does this sound similar? I get this message when trying to access that site: You are not authorized to access bug #877354. I am logged in.

Problem with Workflow plugin after UA patch 402 E Forums
3 Jul 2014 ...We have updated our Test-Environment to RBPM 402 patch E and have no problem accessing the Wokflows through Workflow Administration. Did you update the afadmin.jar file in iManager with the one provided with the patch as described in the patch-readme?

edirectory group membership inconsistency between replicas Forums
1 Jul 2014 ...versions of Edirectory as it connects via NCP and does not access the DIB directly, iirc.

Designer is Too Slow! Forums
30 Jun 2014 ...such as over VPN or anything else with greater-than-microsecond latencies) then try to get your Designer instance to be local. Remotely access a box near the vault systems instead of using your local machine from afar. -- Good luck. If you find

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