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verify JDBC driver connection Forums
7 Oct 2015 ...from anywhere with access, such as using DB Visualizer or similar to test JDBC-based connections: Code: netcat -zv ip.address.of.server 5432 Another option from bash that shows 'Connection refused' and returns non-zero ('echo $?' to

authenticated but without the access to AR Forums
30 Sep 2015 ...AR] User Milan Juricek (cn=mjuricek,ou=standard,ou=personal,ou=active,ou= profiles,o=acme,dc=data) is authenticated and logged in, but does not have access to the Access Review application. Do you have any idea what is wrong? Regards, Milan

IDM 4.5.1 configupdate slow start Forums
29 Sep 2015 ...networking setup prevents access to this system, then the line above should cause it to fail ad move on quickly, at least removing the slowness specifically caused by a delayed lookup. Another option may be to have your networking team respond better

Designer Policy behaviour very strange Forums
29 Sep 2015;Unique String/code is also here</SessionToken> </NS1:LoginResponse> </SOAP-ENV:Body> </SOAP-ENV:Envelope> Now i do not have direct access to the source itself, so i ran this whilst able to and saved the responce for 'local'/

UA 4.5 - IE11 shows blank page yet Firefox works Forums
28 Sep 2015 ...UA 4.5 - IE11 shows blank page yet Firefox works. I've got UA 4.5 running correctly where I'm able to authenticate and access Identity Manager Home and from there access /landing /dash /rra /IDMProv. All pages and functions are working correctly......BUT

No connection to RACF remote loader IDM 4.5 Forums
24 Sep 2015 ...should be retried later. Detail from driver: No connection to remote loader Thanks Siva ram T May be the KMO defined in your configuration is missing. Go to Novell Certificate Access > server certificates check here if you can see your

OSP failing over extranet but works on internal IP address Forums
24 Sep 2015 via Web application firewall (WAF) using extranet FQDN ( and requests access to the IDM User App Default Page. WAF calls the simpleSAMLphp module along with a cookie containing userid as the value (via HTTP proxy) 2) simpleSAMLphp retrieves

MSSQL 2014 Always On Supported Forums
24 Sep 2015 fine. Does Always-On work with JDBC 3 connections? Can you specify the database service using a DNS name that will failover as one node goes down? If so, the UserApp is probably fine. Note about clusters: some give concurrent write access, and

OSP failing over extranet, but works on internal IP address Forums
24 Sep 2015 ...end SAML provider (not NAM). Please see the picture below for the details of the flow. It all works well as long as the user is internal to the network (accessing through IP address), but fails completely when when accessed using extranet hostname.

Sharepoint IDM driver synch question. Forums
22 Sep 2015 ...driver is not designed to do user profile synch). So my question is can this driver do SP user profile synch? Looks like it can entitle user accounts for site access control but from my understanding, user accounts and user profiles are not the same in

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