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How to be notified about new Novell/SUSE patches as they are released (7007454)
26 Jun 2014 ...are released This document (7007454) is provided subject to the disclaimer at the end of this document. Environment Access Governance Access Manager Audit Authentication Services BorderManager Branch Office Business Continuity Clustering Business Experience

Dynamic group : logintime attribute missing Forums
4 Jun 2014;=20140602000000Z))" or like "(&(logintime>=20140602000000.0Z))". It seems that many LDAP attributes are missing, why and how to access them in a dynamic group's filter ? Thanks for any idea.

Lookup password history Forums
4 Jun 2014 ...the password is well generated. How should I do to generate a password in the loopback driver in a way which permit to the command to access to the user password history ? Thank you in advance.

iManager unresponsive Forums
4 Jun 2014 below... Using Firefox to access iManager with it minimized did work.

Password Portlets not working after UA Upgrade 3.7 --> 4.0.2 Forums
2 Jun 2014 ...on Java 1.7 if deployed on JBoss. There can be issues still being this way. It is outlined in the Patch. 2) What is your exact URL in the browser starting with the context name (you can remove the server or IP) when you try to access the page? -- Sincerely,

Hide Administration Tab for Endusers in NetIQ IDM User App Forums
31 May 2014 ...workflows (PRDs) in our environment. Ex: 1. Request for AD Groupse - Trustee (all users - user containter) 2. Request for AD Share Access - Trustee (all users - user containter) 3. Reset password - Trustee (IAM Admins - Group) The reset password

eDirectory in a vmware environment best practices Forums
28 May 2014 ...Is there a TID that I can refer to documenting the "Random failure of RDP/VMWare Console work around"? I am trying to build a case where I need access to the VM Console as the VMWare team will want us to use RDP exclusively if we can for server

Error starting Reporting after moving to different server. Forums
23 May 2014 ...jboss. It is running HPD version with all patches etc. The issue I'm running into is below and full error in the attached file. I can access the web interface and run reports etc. Any thoughts? Getting communicator for WebUI 12:22:21,901 INFO [Communicator

Trustee Reporting Forums
23 May 2014 ...the trustee and then elaborate the members of the trustee (ie if it is a group or org role). From what I can tell ACL are not searchable from LDAP. So there is no method to do an LDAP query for anyone with supervisor access to any entry. Or am I missing

Unable to connect to iManger after upgrade to 2.7.5 Forums
22 May 2014 ...installation was successful. However after plugin installation, I'm not able to connect to iManager. I'm getting "unable to connect" error message when i try to access url. restarted tomcat. checked the catalina.out log file and I do not see

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