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Rockin' Role-Based Security - Least Privilege  Articles/Tips
21 Apr 2016 ...access permissions so a user can do their job. Smart, yet simple access governance enforces the least privilege principle which helps to reduce separation of duty violations from users with “access creep,” a common problem when employees accrue

NetIQ Forums Are Changing. Here's What You Need To Know Articles/Tips
4 Mar 2016 ...NetIQ Forums Are Changing. Here's What You Need To Know. Are you a user of the NetIQ forums located at ?   If so, you should be aware of a change that is coming up in the near future that is intended to benefit all Micro Focus

Access Governance Suite Patches/Security
1 Mar 2016 ...Access Governance Suite. ags- README for Release: 6.4 Patch: 5 Patch Deliverable:  ags-6.4p5.jar General Information:   Access Governance Suite is a patch for Access Governance Suite 6.4.  

Access Governance Suite Security Vulnerability (7017302)
1 Mar 2016 ...subject to the disclaimer at the end of this document. Environment NetIQ Access Governance Suite 6.0 NetIQ Access Governance Suite 6.1 NetIQ Access Governance Suite 6.2 NetIQ Access Governance Suite 6.3 NetIQ Access Governance Suite 6.4 Situation Our engineering

Access Governance Suite Patches/Security
26 Feb 2016 ...Access Governance Suite. AGS-SV-eFix022416-CHECKSUM.txt README for HTML Fragment Privilege Escalation Vulnerability E-Fix E-Fix Deliverable: General Information:   NetIQ has discovered a critical

Policy Builder Training Forums
8 Dec 2015 ...Implementation, Administration and Governance 1 Courses Alex NetIQ has some pretty good online documentation ( ). On

Access Review 1.5 shipped Forums
8 Dec 2015 ...Access Review 1.5 shipped. Greetings Everyone, I wanted to let you know that Access Review 1.5 shipped. -- Sincerely, Steven Williams Lead Software Engineer Micro Focus

AD Driver and Password Sync Filter upgrade Forums
8 Dec 2015 ...have an access for the system. i can login for that system through RDP only. can you clarify on thing for me. when we are upgrading the passwordsyncfilter on the remote loader server. what we need to update? As i have seen in the document. if we need

User is not recognized in Organizational unit. Forums
4 Dec 2015 ...I went into iManager -> Files and Folders -> Properties -> Inherit rights, the users did not have any permission at all to the target folder despite being part of the OU that is added to the folder with full access. Other people in the same OU

SAP HR Driver w .futr & .warn files Forums
4 Dec 2015 ...IDocs is a reliable way of synchronizing data from SAP HR as the stale checking that's required to verify the data contained in a futr IDoc is still valid at processing time covers only a few infotypes that are accessible through supported BAPIs. Most

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