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Aegis Workflow Test and Benchmark Documentation - Why and How? Articles/Tips
19 Nov 2015 ...Aegis Workflow Test and Benchmark Documentation - Why and How?. Aegis workflows can be designed to do just about anything from simple tasks like running a script on a schedule to larger more complex tasks like provisioning virtual environments. Just because

Aegis - Create Group LDAP call Forums
26 Oct 2015 ...its tied to DRA, which is not installed. We have gone through the Cool Solutions and pulled over the LDAP query 3000 and everything in the suite. Is there a LDAP "Create group" Icon for AEGIS ? Can Aegis be used without DRA ? Thanks in advance

Select a Topic
7 Sep 2015 ...routine IT tasks and processes. Download All PDFs Select a Topic Aegis Documentation Aegis Adapter Documentation NetIQ Aegis Documentation view last update NetIQ Aegis Release Notes 06/16/2014 NetIQ Aegis User Guide    04/07/2014 NetIQ Aegis Administration

Operations Console opens in the Internet Explorer App, rather than in the IE Browser (7016806)
3 Sep 2015 ...the App.  The Aegis Configuration Console will not run properly in the IE App. Document Document ID: 7016806 Creation Date: 08-28-2015 Modified Date: 09-03-2015 Novell Product: Aegis Disclaimer This Support Knowledgebase provides a valuable tool for NetIQ/

Unable to login to Aegis Config or Web Console from a remote system (7016716)
17 Aug 2015 ...Unable to login to Aegis Config or Web Console from a remote system. Unable to login to Aegis Config or Web Console from a remote system This document (7016716) is provided subject to the disclaimer at the end of this document. Environment NetIQ Aegis

AppManager Tips and Tricks - Automated actions Articles/Tips
4 Aug 2015 ...others actions available.  I've just touched on a few of the more common ones.  If you want to really have some fun,  take a look at our Aegis IT Process Automation solution .  Talk about massive capability.  Aegis workflows can be triggered by AppManager

NetIQ Aegis 3.2 Core Hotfix 5 Release Notes Patches/Security
1 Aug 2015 ...location: C:\Program Files (x86)\NetIQ\Aegis\Bussrv Find IQConnectUseFipsMode and set the value to 1 . On the Aegis Server computer, restart all Aegis services. On the Web Server computer, restart the NetIQ Aegis Business Services Layer service. (Conditional)

NetIQ Aegis 3.2 Hotfix 7015982 Readme Patches/Security
1 Aug 2015 ...Installed Hotfixes, ensure you see Hotfix 7015982 . Modified Files This hotfix modifies the following files in the C:\Program Files\NetIQ\Aegis\IQConnect73 folder on the Aegis Server computer: \bin\ExecutePS.exe \bin\ExecutePS.pdb \bin\NetIQGeneric_1_11.dll

State in Aegis Operations Console Forums
30 Apr 2015 ...State in Aegis Operations Console. Is there any way to add more "States" to the operations console ? I see completed and Error I was wondering if I could do something like "Completed with Errors" I did not know if it was possible. Thanks

Hit the Road Articles/Tips
14 Apr 2015 ...Hit the Road. The absolute best part of my job is being with customers.  I love it.  Whether I'm presenting to one customer, 500 or anything in between, I love spreading the good word of how Micro Focus | NetIQ solutions can help you run IT better.

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