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NetIQ Aegis 3.2 Core Hotfix 5 Release Notes Patches/Security
1 Aug 2015 ...location: C:\Program Files (x86)\NetIQ\Aegis\Bussrv Find IQConnectUseFipsMode and set the value to 1 . On the Aegis Server computer, restart all Aegis services. On the Web Server computer, restart the NetIQ Aegis Business Services Layer service. (Conditional)

NetIQ Aegis 3.2 Hotfix 7015982 Readme Patches/Security
1 Aug 2015 ...Installed Hotfixes, ensure you see Hotfix 7015982 . Modified Files This hotfix modifies the following files in the C:\Program Files\NetIQ\Aegis\IQConnect73 folder on the Aegis Server computer: \bin\ExecutePS.exe \bin\ExecutePS.pdb \bin\NetIQGeneric_1_11.dll

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25 Jun 2015 ...routine IT tasks and processes. Download All PDFs  (4 MB) Select a Topic Aegis Documentation Aegis Adapter Documentation NetIQ Aegis Documentation view last update NetIQ Aegis Release Notes 06/16/2014 NetIQ Aegis User Guide    04/07/2014 NetIQ Aegis

State in Aegis Operations Console Forums
30 Apr 2015 ...State in Aegis Operations Console. Is there any way to add more "States" to the operations console ? I see completed and Error I was wondering if I could do something like "Completed with Errors" I did not know if it was possible. Thanks

Hit the Road Articles/Tips
14 Apr 2015 ...Hit the Road. The absolute best part of my job is being with customers.  I love it.  Whether I'm presenting to one customer, 500 or anything in between, I love spreading the good word of how Micro Focus | NetIQ solutions can help you run IT better.

Remote Execution Adapter for Aegis (Part 2 - Server) Articles/Tips
24 Mar 2015 ...ensure that the port specified is open on any firewalls between the Server and the Client. Save and exit the NetIQ Aegis Adapter Configuration Utility Restart NetIQ Aegis Namespace Provider Service and dependant services (NetIQ Aegis Engine, NetIQ Aegis

Remote Execution Adapter for Aegis (Part 1 - Client) Articles/Tips
18 Mar 2015 ...of this post includes the Client side files (attached) and configuration below, Part 2 is for the Aegis Server side! Aegis Versions mjcRemote is built for Aegis 3.1 (and above) and is tested on 64 bit systems only although it should work on 32 bit systems.

Mail Enabled Group Creation Forums
10 Mar 2015 ...Mail Enabled Group Creation. We have been asked to possibly create security groups that are mail enabled. Our exchange is 2010 and we have been looking at the activities in aegis and really have not found an activity that will do this. I don't really need

Corrective Controls for Identity and Access Management Articles/Tips
5 Mar 2015 ...Corrective Controls for Identity and Access Management. While the hackers in movies continue to use brute-force methods to breach security, fingers flying on keyboards as firewalls fall, real attackers today prefer the subtler method of hijacking insider

Aegis ‘Depot’ Activity – String Replace Map Articles/Tips
2 Mar 2015 ...Aegis ‘Depot’ Activity – String Replace Map. The String Replace Map activity takes an input string, and replaces all occurrences of characters/strings based on a map table. In Europe we are normally more concerned with preserving non

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