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NetIQ Aegis 3.2 Hotfix 7015961 Readme Patches/Security
18 Dec 2014 ...Console. On the Ribbon, click About . Under Installed Hotfixes, ensure you see Hotfix 7015961 . Modified Files This hotfix adds or modifies the following files in the C:\Program Files\NetIQ\Aegis folder on the Aegis Web Server computer. \AegisApp

NetIQ Aegis is an IT Process Automation (ITPA)...
16 Dec 2014 ...view last update NetIQ Aegis Release Notes 06/16/2014 NetIQ Aegis User Guide    04/07/2014 NetIQ Aegis Administration Guide    05/15/2014 NetIQ Aegis Process Authoring Guide    04/07/2014 NetIQ Aegis Web Services Guide

NetIQ Aegis 3.0 Hotfix 7015389 Readme Patches/Security
15 Dec 2014 ...IQConnect73\bin\pg.pdb \IQConnect73\bin\ProcessGovernanceEngine.exe \IQConnect73\bin\ProcessGovernanceEngine.pdb This hotfix adds the following files to the C:\Program Files\NetIQ\Aegis\IQConnect73 folder on the Aegis Server computer: \Hotfixes\Aegis30_Hotfix7015389

NetIQ Aegis 3.2 Hotfix 7015877 Readme Patches/Security
24 Nov 2014 ...ensure you see Hotfix 7015877 . Modified Files This hotfix modifies the following files in the C:\Program Files\NetIQ\Aegis\IQConnect73 folder on the Aegis Server computer: \bin\ExecutePS.exe (Build Number \bin\ExecutePS.pdb \bin\NetIQGeneric_1_11.dll

Aegis Web Console generates error when login prompt should be presented (7015907)
18 Nov 2014 presented This document (7015907) is provided subject to the disclaimer at the end of this document. Environment NetIQ Aegis 3.0 NetIQ Aegis 3.1 NetIQ Aegis 3.2 Aegis Web Operations Console Situation Error received after attempting to launch Web Console:

Yeah, there’s a module for that - But can I automate it? Articles/Tips
18 Nov 2014 ...and then went about finding out how to have Aegis detect the event and restart the service. Now normally AppManager Events should be displayed in Aegis in the event view, so I took a look and found the corresponding event: So the event shows up like all

The Four Lenses of IT Operations Articles/Tips
11 Nov 2014 ...The Four Lenses of IT Operations. IT Operations still face challenges that have been around since the dawn of the information age. Systems, networks, databases, middleware and applications must all work in near perfect harmony to deliver applications and

Aegis LDAP Adapter - Update 3: LDIF Operations Articles/Tips
23 Oct 2014 ...Aegis Namespace Provider" service port the port the "NetIQ Aegis Namespace Provider" service runs on (probably 2219) domain of service Aegis Service account service account the Aegis Service Account Service Account Password the Aegis Service Account passwordExample:

Monitoring Guys - Episode 5 - BrainShare Preview Articles/Tips
22 Oct 2014 ...Monitoring Guys - Episode 5 - BrainShare Preview. This week (well, month, sorry we've been a way for a while) on the Monitoring Guys – It's all about BrainShare baby. That's right, BrainShare is going down in just a few days and we are pumped. We'll

How to reconfigure Aegis after a DRA 8.7 SP2 upgrade. (7015764)
16 Oct 2014 provided subject to the disclaimer at the end of this document. Environment NetIQ Aegis 3.0 NetIQ Aegis 3.1 NetIQ Aegis 3.2 Situation After the DRA 8.7 upgrade to SP2 if Aegis is integrated with DRA, Aegis will need to be reconfigured by following

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