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Aegis Workflow 101 - Variables Articles/Tips
22 Apr 2016 ...Aegis Workflow 101 - Variables. Welcome to Part 5 of Aegis Workflow 101. This time we look at variables and their use (and misuse) in Aegis. Variables in Aegis are storage locations where you can store, retrieve and modify data. Like programming, in Aegis

Aegis Workflow 101 - Triggers Articles/Tips
20 Apr 2016 ...when workitems should start as well as well as other behavior which we will learn about below. In the last topic we learned about events.  When events arrive into Aegis they are written to the Aegis Database but they are also passed onto the correlation

Aegis Workflow 101 - Events Articles/Tips
14 Apr 2016 ...depending on the adapter, Aegis can be used to update the event/alert/incident on the target system which generated the event in Aegis.   Event Sources Most commonly, Events are generated in Aegis by Adapters.  Out of the box Aegis comes with a couple

Aegis Workflow 101 - Input Builder Articles/Tips
8 Apr 2016 ...Aegis Workflow 101 - Input Builder. Welcome to Part 2 of Aegis Workflow 101.  This time we look at Input Builder which is a basic but very powerful component of Aegis workflow design. Looking back at Part 1, we build a 'Hello World' workflow which used

Aegis Workflow 101 - Hello World! Articles/Tips
5 Apr 2016 of ITPA. To help them on their way this is a new series of posts on getting started with everyone's favorite automation platform - Aegis! Aegis - A quick introduction. The official description: Aegis ® is an IT Process Automation (ITPA) platform

How to interact with Aegis Webservices from external systems Articles/Tips
31 Mar 2016 ...via SOAP. For information on the WSDL available goto: https://aegis_bsl_server:8092/Aegis/Integration and https://aegis_bsl_server:8092/Aegis/IQConnect So now we can get started. This post will perform the task of generating an event in Aegis via the Aegis

AD Passwords about to Expire via Aegis - Methods #4 using the SCM Adapter Articles/Tips
28 Mar 2016 ...generates an event in Aegis when the job completes - this event will be the signal to Aegis to continue the workflow. So we can use the Aegis activity 'wait for event' configured to wait for Jab Status events with a filter defined for the event attribute

NetIQ Forums Are Changing. Here's What You Need To Know Articles/Tips
4 Mar 2016 ...NetIQ Forums Are Changing. Here's What You Need To Know. Are you a user of the NetIQ forums located at ?   If so, you should be aware of a change that is coming up in the near future that is intended to benefit all Micro Focus

AD Passwords about to Expire via Aegis - Method #3 using Depot activities Articles/Tips
2 Mar 2016 ...AD Passwords about to Expire via Aegis - Method #3 using Depot activities. In this article I will show a third method of creating an Aegis workflow to notify users that their password will expire in X days. Method #1 was a very simple workflow based off

NetIQ Aegis is an IT Process Automation (ITPA)...
19 Feb 2016 ...update NetIQ Aegis HF Release Notes 10/16/2015 NetIQ Aegis Release Notes 06/16/2014 NetIQ Aegis User Guide    04/07/2014 NetIQ Aegis Administration Guide    05/15/2014 NetIQ Aegis Process Authoring Guide    04/07/

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