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Logjam TLS Attack (Weak Diffie-Hellman) and Novell Products (7016528)
22 May 2015 ...7016528) is provided subject to the disclaimer at the end of this document. Environment Novell Filr Novell GroupWise Novell GroupWise Mobile Server Novell iPrint Novell Messenger Novell Open Enterprise Server Novell ZENworks Novell Vibe Situation In May

mail Attribute not specified Forums
19 May 2015 ...mail Attribute not specified. Hey guys, just a quick question: We have upgraded to GroupWise 2014 SP1 with the IM-Driver. All went fine. But now we see that the Attribute "mail" is empty. Is there any possibility to write the actual mailadress

Novell Doc: OES 2015 Beta: NSS File System Administration Guide for Linux - Tuning NSS Volumes for GroupWise Servers - May 18 2015
17 May 2015 ...Novell Doc: OES 2015 Beta: NSS File System Administration Guide for Linux - Tuning NSS Volumes for GroupWise Servers - May 18 2015. 30.12 Tuning NSS Volumes for GroupWise Servers NSS performance has been dramatically improved over NetWare 6.0. As a result,

Mail Icons Forums
15 May 2015 ...We have some system (ERP, CRM,...) beside groupwise, that send mails to groupwise. And if i understand you correct, i only need to modify the the correct content of the mail from our CRM System for exampel, then the user has a special icon for mails from

user with multiple emails domains Forums
15 May 2015 ...Please may I encourage you to submit an enhancement request. Without doing so Novell (and the GroupWise product manager) will never know that such a need exists. Cheers,

GMS21 & Authentication Forums
14 May 2015 ...that we could use the native GroupWise password on the Mobility Service, but leave AD LDAP enabled on the Post Office for the GroupWise client. Users could then login to GW client using the AD LDAP password, and the native GroupWise password on mobile

DVA Forums
14 May 2015 ...DVA. GroupWise 2012 sp3 hp1 I setup the DVA on the same box as Webaccess. I also have the GWIA, MTA and POA there as well. No real users on the post office. It is there to go GWIA, and WebAccess. I launched the DVA, 5 processes are running, and working

filr share email link Forums
14 May 2015 ...Addresses; nested exception is: com.sun.mail.smtp.SMTPAddressFailedException: 550 Relaying denied Invalid addresses: ''. Using the smtp setting that is pointed to our Groupwise 2012 Server Using the latest version. Novell Filr

Groupwise 2012 make it act like Outlook Forums
13 May 2015 ...Groupwise 2012 make it act like Outlook. I have a user that is very comfortable with Outlook. She has requested that emails that have been replied to automatically be removed from the Mailbox. A copy is now being sent to the Sent folder and that is all

Move Error C067 Forums
13 May 2015 ...the thoughts, Hi, In the GroupWise Admin Console what does it report as the status of the user move? Where

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