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password + user certificate authentication Forums
7 Sep 2015 ...password + user certificate authentication. Hi, The customer has purchased NOWS and is now looking for enhanced security for their administrators. 1. Is it possible with out of the box eDirectory+NMAS to set up password+user certificate authentication

How to be notified about new Novell/SUSE patches as they are released (7007454)
7 May 2015 ...NetWare Novell Product: NFS Protocol Novell Product: Novell iFolder Novell Product: Novell Messenger Novell Product: Open Enterprise Server Novell Product: Open Workgroup Suite - Small Business Edition (NOWS SBE) Novell Product: Operations Center Novell

Can I install Novell Filr on VM Workstation 7? Forums
15 Jan 2015 ...Can I install Novell Filr on VM Workstation 7?. Hi, We are running a very small VM workstation 7 environment on a Windows 7 host. We have three SUSE 11 server running with NOWS. Now I want to install Novell Filr but I get an error when I try to install

Upgrade GW8 on SBE2.5.1 to 2014 Forums
1 Jan 2015 ...Upgrade GW8 on SBE2.5.1 to 2014. This is what I am going to do: I have a NOWS SBE 2.5.1 Server (SLES 10.3, OES 2.0.3) with GW8.0.3 and I have to upgrade to GW2014. As far as I know, there is no way to achieve this with NOWS SBE. The only way I can think

Novell Open Workgroup Suite
12 Dec 2014 ...Novell Open Workgroup Suite. Novell Open Workgroup Suite Novell Open Workgroup Suite provides your organization with a flexible and cost-effective IT infrastructure made up of proven, open standards-based software. It includes server and desktop platforms

Do I proceed or give up? Forums
30 Oct 2014 ...but 2 years ago went to the dark side and installed a Windows SBS 2003 server and used it for some time for my little business (5 user maintenance license). However, I kept my maintenance for Novell NOWS paid up. I think perhaps 20 months ago I may have

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