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Migrate from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008 R2? Forums
23 Jun 2015 ...Posted by dkraut Hi All, can plate spin migrate assist with the migration of a server and applications from server 2003 to server 2008 R2? I could not find a definitive answer on the web site. Thanks! PlateSpin Migrate moves whole workloads

Error 401 During Install Forums
16 Jun 2015 ...Error 401 During Install. Hello, I'm having trouble installing PlateSpin Migrate Server. I've followed all the steps in the install document, articles like 7920718 and various support threads, but I'm still getting the following failure. Are there any

Moving Platespin Workload Licenses Forums
15 Jun 2015 ...Laura Assuming that your Migrate system is under a maintenance contract with us then you are entitled to install the latest version of the PlateSpin software on a new server and transfer the remaining licenses to it. If not then you may still be able

SAS Driver Not Picked Up From Migrate Database Causes Stop (BSOD) Error on Target (7016173)
2 Jun 2015 ...Environment PlateSpin Migrate 11.x Situation If a SAS Driver that has been uploaded to the PlateSpin Migrate database is not picked up during the migration, it may cause a Stop error (BSOD) on the target machine. Resolution The conversion is successful

Migrate v11 Eval License Forums
29 May 2015 ...Migrate v11 Eval License. I have requested and downloaded a evaluation copy of PS Migrate 11, but I have not revived a eval license code. How do I get one?

Stalling on 23% sending files 1% receiving files 1% Forums
27 May 2015 ...Stalling on 23% sending files 1% receiving files 1%. I am using Platespin Migrate 11.1 on a win 2003 r2 Ent server. I have full access rights both domain & local full access rights to all VSPhere clients. I am migrating a number of virtual servers

Error when instaling Platespin Protect Forums
20 May 2015 ...Error when instaling Platespin Protect. Hello , I get this error when i tring to install Platespin Protect (Protect- : Best regards PHP Code: User  'PlateSpin'  already exists .  Setting 

KVM server was expected Forums
19 May 2015 ...KVM server was expected. I installed migrate 11.1. I want to use RHEL 6.4 as a target virtual host. When I run command: PlateSpin.Migrate.Console.exe discover /machineaddress= /username=root /password=******** /type=kvm_server /wait=yes I

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15 May 2015 ...Guide    09/24/2014 End User view last update User Guide    05/15/2015 Previous Releases view last update PlateSpin Migrate 11 05/01/2014 - Release Notes - Guides PlateSpin Migrate 9.3 07/31/2013 - Release Notes - Guides

NetIQ Documentation: PlateSpin Migrate 11.1 User Guide - Configuring PlateSpin Migrate Default Options
15 May 2015 ...NetIQ Documentation: PlateSpin Migrate 11.1 User Guide - Configuring PlateSpin Migrate Default Options. 2.4 Configuring PlateSpin Migrate Default Options Default options control PlateSpin Migrate’s global settings and its default behavior. Configure

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