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SAP CCMS Java error Forums
30 Jun 2015 ...SAP CCMS Java error. We are running Sentinel 7.3, trying to get data from SAP CCMS but getting java error related to the loading of the file. It states that the Stack guard may have been disabled and the VM will try to fix the stack

WECS reports backlogged Agent Forums
25 Jun 2015 ...Sentinel server’s resources and the WECS server’s resources don’t appear the be the bottleneck. Neither is reaching its maximum capacity when this occurs. The Sentinel server itself has 8 2,4Ghz CPUs and 16G and uses half of that when encountering

Could not update Correlated Event on custom action Forums
23 Jun 2015 ...op0( at compiled._c0(/var/opt/novell/sentinel/data/server.cache/javascript_action_plugins/EmailSites_87CA9EDE210103290E26762249A8966_8477924 901603745221/main.script:7693) at

The Internet of Things and Security: Incompatible? Articles/Tips
23 Jun 2015 ...The Internet of Things and Security: Incompatible?. This blog post kicks off a series on new challenges that we'll be facing in coming years related to the Internet of Things (IoT)—which, simply put, means our tendency to attach everything from our cars

Clear queue correlation buffer after action is triggered Forums
23 Jun 2015 ...and then multiple events could roll up into a singe alert (assuming Sentinel 7.3 when the new Alerts were introduced). Another option may be to have an action from your rule insert the discriminated-upon data into a dynamic list, and then have your

Cisco Switch and Router 2011.1r2 Collector is released! Forums
18 Jun 2015 support Cisco MDS 9000 and Nexus 7000 Series. •Fixes an issue with the auto detection of the Collector, see the for more information. Many Thanks, Saradha Sankarnarayanan Project Manager - Sentinel

How to fix CVE-2015-4000 in Jetty Forums
18 Jun 2015 ...Firefox 38.0.6 will block access to console as a result, other browser "fixes" are also coming) in Sentinel Edit /etc/opt/novell/sentinel/3rdparty/jetty/jetty-ssl.xml Replace the Item list for "ExcludeCipherSuites": Code:

Windows Agent Install Failed Forums
18 Jun 2015 ...Windows Agent Install Failed. I am trying to install the windows agent on a DC, but I am getting a Install Failed message. I have not found any documentation as to where the log files are in case of failure. Any help would be appreciated. Sentinel

4.1 Patch ? Forums
16 Jun 2015 ...4.1 Patch ?. When will 4.1 patch be available? Specifically including an update to novell-AUDTplatformagent-2.0.2-77.x86_64.rpm as disables SSLv3 so nothing is collected from any components. I've manually applied updated rpm to all components as

NetIQ Documentation: Operations Center 5.6 Adapter and Integration Guide - NetIQ Sentinel
12 Jun 2015 ...history mining. Sentinel Server Address Sentinel 7 Adapter Only. The IP address of the Sentinel server for history mining. Sentinel Server Port Sentinel 7 Adapter Only. The port for connecting to the Sentinel REST interface for history mining. Stylesheet

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