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Alert from Event Source Management screen (Live View) Forums
27 Apr 2015 ...status is set to ON however the actual status changes itself to OFF. This can either happen if there is network connectivity issues with collector manager or otherwise. The only way to recover is to restart sentinel on the affected collector manager.

No events seen after upgrade to Sentinel 7.3 Forums
24 Apr 2015 ...No events seen after upgrade to Sentinel 7.3. Hi, I was running Sentinel 7.1.0 with only one event source (a sentinel link, one of production sentinel server forwards all its events to my sentinel.) This setup worked all the way till few days back when

Sentinel Agent Manager Proxy Agents Forums
24 Apr 2015 ...Sentinel Agent Manager Proxy Agents. Hi, Is it possible to designate a Sentinel Windows Agent as a Cisco/Juniper/Other collector? This used to be possible using NetIQ SM and was very handy for instances where you had to move where events were sent temporarily.

Memory dump seen in the Sentinel log directory Forums
24 Apr 2015 ...Memory dump seen in the Sentinel log directory. Hi Team, I have see there multiple memory dump in the log directory, such as, MemoryDump20150412000704Communication_Server.hprof . What are these related to? How to get them analysed? How are they created?

Can ActiveViews write to a file? Forums
23 Apr 2015 ...Can ActiveViews write to a file?. Hi, Sentinel version I use is 7.1.2 I wanted to find out if active view can write its data / graph info to a flat file like csv automatically? Active view can record a graph of "events per second" grouped

Not getting logs/events into Sentinel Forums
22 Apr 2015 ...We are pretty sure it is not due to network: we can ssh in both directions, telnet from audited servers to Sentinel is working (and it creates events in Sentinel), netstat on Sentinel shows that the ports are open. eDirectory IDM 4.0.1 AM

Sentinel Position Forums
22 Apr 2015 Ombud Compare List > ( ) Never heard of this one, but neat site so far, so let me see if I can send it to the Sentinel PM to see if Sentinel can be added as it at least CLAIMS to be unbiased and focused more on products than jargon. -- Good

Test account link Forums
22 Apr 2015 ...There are multiple ways to import accounts and people, but the best way is probably the Sentinel driver as part of Identity Manager. Any systems linked with IDM, then, can easily have their users imported/updated within Sentinel on the fly, automatically,

Looking for Sentinel feature Forums
21 Apr 2015 ...Looking for Sentinel feature. 1 - How good Sentinel is at providing the monitoring/visibility/insights on "Advanced Persistent Threat Analytic and DDos attacks". 2 - And Does Sentinel provide the feature of "Ticket escalation to operation

Alert configuration to send email in Sentinel7.3 Forums
21 Apr 2015 ...Alert configuration to send email in Sentinel7.3. One of my SLM 1.2.x customer is about to upgrade to Sentinel 7.3. Customer has configured quite a lot of Alerts that send email whenever an event of Interest occur. Now in Sentinel 7.3 I do not find

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