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Reports - User Guide
28 Sep 2016 ...Reports - User Guide. docmain.css" /> 5.5 Reports 5.5.1 Reports Online reporting provides Finance Users with a graphical snapshot of the overall performance of the Service Desk and its Users. The real-time Reports Module delivers easy access, and on-demand

Public Holidays, SLAs and Technician Assignment - User Guide
28 Sep 2016 ...Service Desk, irrespective of its location. This forms part of the Technician assignment facility, as the system logic considers public holidays in relation to service level requirements and Technician availability. For example, where the Service Desk

Technician Assignment - User Guide
28 Sep 2016 ...can configure the system to better reflect the workflow of its service support Team environment. When a request is logged with the service desk, the Team is selected based on the SLA and Workflow State of the request. Figure 1: Request assignment logic

inserted - User Guide
28 Sep 2016 breached. SlaBreachedSubject The content in the Subject line of an email sent to an assigned User and Service Level Manager, and if configured within the SLA the Team Lead, when an SLA is breached. SlaTimeElapsed Sent to the assigned User and Service

Web Services - User Guide
28 Sep 2016 ...directly with the service management application in a secure and controlled fashion. The interface is based on the SOAP standard for Web Services. For more information about SOAP Web Services, please see: The

Finance - User Guide
28 Sep 2016 ...To add a Service Contract for a newly ordered Item Type: Select to add a Service Contract to the Invoice Or, click Next to go to the Invoice summary. Select the appropriate SLA from the drop-down options Select the Item Type related to the Service Contract

Email Polling & Request Creation via Email - User Guide
28 Sep 2016 ...Email Polling & Request Creation via Email - User Guide. docmain.css" /> A.1 Email Polling & Request Creation via Email The Email Polling feature automatically manages incoming support requests via email, helping organizations to respond quickly and

Creating Custom Reports - User Guide
28 Sep 2016 ...Creating Custom Reports - User Guide. docmain.css" /> A.6 Creating Custom Reports To provide Users with access to service management data that is meaningful to their organization, the reporting capability of the system has been extended through the integration

Service - User Guide
28 Sep 2016 ...negotiated document that identifies the service level expectations between the Service Desk and the Technical Support Teams. An Underpinning Contract enables the Service Desk to monitor and maintain control of requests that are forwarded to external service

Knowledge - User Guide
28 Sep 2016 ...Configuration Management System, using the Classifications, Categories and Types of the CMDB as the filing system for all Knowledge Base Articles. Therefore, when new requests are logged with the Service Desk, the system automatically searches through

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