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26 Aug 2014 ...again. This document (7015584) is provided subject to the disclaimer at the end of this document. Environment Novell Service Desk 7.0.3 Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise MySQL 5.6.19 Situation Purpose Installing NSD 7.0.3 on Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise

Novell Doc: User Guide - Service - March 17 2014
23 Aug 2014 ...negotiated document that identifies the service level expectations between the Service Desk and the Technical Support Teams. An Underpinning Contract enables the Service Desk to monitor and maintain control of requests that are forwarded to external service

Novell Doc: User Guide - Knowledge - March 17 2014
23 Aug 2014 ...Classifications, Categories and Types of the CMDB as the filing system for all Knowledge Base Articles. Therefore, when new requests are logged with the Service Desk, the system automatically searches through its information store for any Articles related

Novell Doc: User Guide - Service - March 17 2014
23 Aug 2014 ...Novell Doc: User Guide - Service - March 17 2014. 3.5 Service Service Level Management 3.5.1 Service Service Level Agreements (SLAs) Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are used by organizations to manage the levels of service expected of the IT and to ensure

23 Aug 2014 option, to enter the contact details of the Manager who will monitor the performance of the SLA. This is also the Service Desk User who is assigned responsibility for managing the performance of external support providers who are forwarded Service

Novell Doc: User Guide - Operations - March 17 2014
23 Aug 2014 assigned the Internal Process of Service Level in their User Information screen to complete this action.) Review the Service Request Workflow within the Service>Workflows tab. (See: Service Request Workflow .) Create a Service Request Team within

Novell Doc: User Guide - Configuration - March 17 2014
23 Aug 2014 ...Service Catalog maps the relationships between individual CIs and allows the Service Desk to assess the real impact of a loss of a service as opposed to an individual asset being off-line. (See: Service Catalog .) Once the CMDB has been successfully implemented,

Novell Doc: User Guide - Finance - March 17 2014
23 Aug 2014 project potential revenue for offering the Service and allow consumers of the Service to be charged for accessing the Service based on User access. For an example, we will use the Service Desk Service, considering the investment in hardware and software

Novell Doc: User Guide - User - March 17 2014
23 Aug 2014 ...They can be internal or external to the organization and can raise Incidents through the Customer Portal or via email. Service Desk staff can also generate requests on behalf of the Customer. Service Desk Customers can be created within this tab. The Administrator

Novell Doc: User Guide - Getting Started - March 17 2014
23 Aug 2014 ...Novell Doc: User Guide - Getting Started - March 17 2014. 1.3 Getting Started 1.3.1 Configuring Your System Before using the service management system, please read the following important recommendations: Logging In The system includes a default Supervisor

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