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Why You Need to ‘Wow’ Your End Users With Amazing User Self-services Articles/Tips
15 Jan 2015 ...anything can be requested, like programs, hardware, assets, software and more. ZENworks Mobile Management: With ZENworks Mobile Management, users can track, lock and wipe mobile devices when they are lost or stolen, all from a single location. ZENworks

ZENworks Mobile Management 3.0 Select a Topic
9 Jan 2015 ...for ZENworks Mobile Management 2.9. ZENworks Mobile Management 2.8 Links to documentation for ZENworks Mobile Management 2.8. ZENworks Mobile Management 2.7 Links to documentation for ZENworks Mobile Management 2.7. ZENworks Mobile Management 2.6 Links

Novell Documentation: ZENworks Mobile Management - Table of Contents
9 Jan 2015 ...Novell Documentation: ZENworks Mobile Management - Table of Contents.

Report Shows BYOD Threat Landscape Growing for Businesses Articles/Tips
11 Dec 2014 ...the dangerous new IT landscape in which your business operates. Using Novell’s ZENworks Mobile Management , your business can maintain safety without sacrificing productivity. Learn more about how Novell can help protect your business. Thanks for reading!

The Importance of Saying ‘Yes’ to Your End Users’ BYOD Requests Articles/Tips
4 Dec 2014 a unified endpoint management solution that can enable a secure and efficient remote workspace, that is, one that encompasses cloud-based apps, smart devices, laptops, remote PCs and more. The Novell ZENworks workspace is one such solution that will

Zen Mobile Management and SuSE Forums
25 Nov 2014 ...Zen Mobile Management and SuSE. Hi, Any ideas why ZMM is only available to run on a Windoze server....and when (if ever) will ZMM will be migrated or ported to SuSE as an appliance or a VM? Regards John

What’s Wrong With Mobility in the Classroom? Articles/Tips
21 Nov 2014 ...activity from a central location, administrators can reap the benefits of electronic devices without having to worry about any unwanted repercussions arising from unrestricted use. The ZENworks Mobile Management solution from Novell is one solution that

Product Description File Description Toolkit Download Using the Toolkit
6 Nov 2014 a directory on your computer. Using the Toolkit Complete instructions for using the toolkit are included in the Distributing ZENworks Mobile Management for iOS as an Enterprise App guide on the ZENworks Mobile Management 3.0 doc site . Legal Notice

ZMM Profile on IOS 7.1 will not install with ZMM 3.0 Forums
24 Oct 2014 ...have seen this but didn't think much about it. The additional profiles seemed to all work, including my Mobility profile. Are you seeing items that aren't populating correctly?

iPad Mini device fails to register (7015368)
20 Oct 2014 ...iPad Mini device fails to register. iPad Mini device fails to register This document (7015368) is provided subject to the disclaimer at the end of this document. Environment Novell ZENworks Mobile Management 2.9.1 Situation iPad Mini device fails to register.

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