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Introducing ZENworks Mobile Management 3.1 Articles/Tips
24 Mar 2015 ...Introducing ZENworks Mobile Management 3.1. ZENworks Mobile Management 3.1 is expected to be released in the next week, so I thought I’d take a few minutes and introduce you to the new value we are providing in this exciting new release of the product.

Testing ZENworks Mobile Management SAML Functionality with NetIQ Access Manager Articles/Tips
23 Mar 2015 ...Testing ZENworks Mobile Management SAML Functionality with NetIQ Access Manager. ZENworks Mobile Management 3.0 introduced support for the SAML protocol as a means to authenticate end users. ZENworks Mobile Management can use SAML for authentication at

The One-Step Plan to Stronger Digital Workspace Security in Your Enterprise Articles/Tips
2 Mar 2015 ...makes it inaccessible to hackers . Remote encryption management: ZENworks’ remote encryption service makes it possible to manage remote accounts from one central location. Mobile device management: Keep track of every device—on-premises and remote—that

ZENworks Mobile Management 3.0 Select a Topic
18 Feb 2015 ...for ZENworks Mobile Management 2.9. ZENworks Mobile Management 2.8 Links to documentation for ZENworks Mobile Management 2.8. ZENworks Mobile Management 2.7 Links to documentation for ZENworks Mobile Management 2.7. ZENworks Mobile Management 2.6 Links

Could ZMM block OS upgrade ? Forums
9 Feb 2015 ...Could ZMM block OS upgrade ?. HI All Customer ask me a question about OS upgrade, because some Enterprise APP only run on some OS version, so they want to limit user perform Mobile Device OS upgrade. Does ZMM Support this ? thanks! wencheng

GroupWise Data Sync Profile issue Forums
6 Feb 2015 ...GroupWise Data Sync Profile issue. Ok, Have a device (ipad) that was registered to a user, now device has been re-issued to another. iPad was fully wiped, device was reset for enrolment within ZMM. ZENwork iOS app installed from with the new user details

Why You Need to ‘Wow’ Your End Users With Amazing User Self-services Articles/Tips
15 Jan 2015 ...anything can be requested, like programs, hardware, assets, software and more. ZENworks Mobile Management: With ZENworks Mobile Management, users can track, lock and wipe mobile devices when they are lost or stolen, all from a single location. ZENworks

Novell Documentation: ZENworks Mobile Management - Table of Contents
9 Jan 2015 ...Novell Documentation: ZENworks Mobile Management - Table of Contents.

Report Shows BYOD Threat Landscape Growing for Businesses Articles/Tips
11 Dec 2014 ...the dangerous new IT landscape in which your business operates. Using Novell’s ZENworks Mobile Management , your business can maintain safety without sacrificing productivity. Learn more about how Novell can help protect your business. Thanks for reading!

The Importance of Saying ‘Yes’ to Your End Users’ BYOD Requests Articles/Tips
4 Dec 2014 a unified endpoint management solution that can enable a secure and efficient remote workspace, that is, one that encompasses cloud-based apps, smart devices, laptops, remote PCs and more. The Novell ZENworks workspace is one such solution that will

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